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Yellow Dragon Fruit

Other than Mango, Durian I fall in love with another Yellow Fruit! That is the Yellow Dragon Fruit. Sister’s friend gave me one as treat to taste and immediately, I love it. I went to bought 1 carton box of 6 pcs for $48 from the supplier that sis’s friend buy from.

As it is seasonal fruit not always available throughout the year. I bought it during last year October. Lately, sis friend notify me on the stock availability that selling 9 pieces for $50. But the size is smaller compare to those i bought it last year.

Whats so good that i like this Yellow Dragon Fruits? Basically it is extremely sweet, the seeds are crispy edible and it helps in digestion! I always have constipation issue. But every time after consuming this yellow dragon fruit, it truly helps in detoxication and clearing my bowel smoothly.

Seng Siong and fairprice extra does sell if you keep a look out, price rang at $8.99 and $9 respectively. The size is smaller, but if you have not try this fruit, give it a try! See if it helps you for detox as how it helps me!



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