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Travel Data Sim Card – Starhub Happy Prepaid Sim Card

How to Travel with Data Plan

Ever since I had a planned trip to bali in Sep2017, Nov17- Dec17 to United States and in between I have plans to go in Johor Bahru to do up my nails and hair. So I was introduce by my brother for the using the Starhub Prepaid card.

There is a few options to ensure you stay connected as you travel overseas.

  1. Buy Data Sim card of the country you travel to, you can bought it at changi recommend or online such as ebay
  2. Rent wifi router at airport
  3. Sign up roaming, this option can be very expensive
  4. Buy a local travel prepaid card that can be used for selected country

Usually or in fact all my trips, I will purchase the sim card for the particular country I travel to, and most of the time I will buy in the airport upon my arrival. I will be introducing you another method to stay connected by using the local travel prepaid card.

Is okay if you are starhub, singtel or M1 user, you can always head to the mobile shop that sell sim card. Simply request for starhub happy prepaid SIM card, you will be given a list of choice of phone number sim card to pick and you will need to provide your IC as they need to register. One person can only hold up to a maximum of 3 sim cards.

Which Countries that Happy Prepaid Sim Card can be use

Countries that the SIM card can be use:


Preferred Partners' Network


Telstra | Vodafone


China Mobile

Hong Kong

Three (3)


XL Axiata | Three (3) | Indosat




CTM Macau


All operators

New Zealand

2Degrees | TNZ



South Korea 

Olleh KT | SK Telecom


Far EasTone (FET) | Chunghwa Telecom


TrueMove | DTAC

United Kingdom

Three (3)

United States of America

AT&T | T-Mobile

Happy Prepaid Sim Card Price

The Happy Prepaid SIM Card comes in different prices:




4G Local Data

4G Roaming Data

$8 Happy Prepaid


90 Days



$15 Happy Prepaid (2.2GB)


180 Days

180-day 2.2 GB^


$15 Happy Prepaid


180 Days

5-day 15GB


$50 Happy Prepaid


180 Days

10-day 15GB

30-day 5GB

I bought the $8 Happy Prepaid card, as long as you top up, the validity will be extended.

How to use Happy Prepaid SIM Card?

Step 1: Buy a Happy Prepaid SIM Card.
You can just pop into mobile shop or starhub store, alternative, you can order online  and pick it up at Changi Airport before you fly. List of places you can buy.  
Step 2: Download the Happy Prepaid App on your smartphone before changing the sim card.
Step 3: Insert your sim card
Step 4: Click the downloaded Happy Prepaid app, sign in by entering your Happy Prepaid Sim Card mobile number and activate it. A sms will be send to you with the pin, and note you will be charge for it.
Step 5: Under the Roaming tab, turn on roaming service and click install APN Settings. Click install after you are directed to Starhub APN. (Please ensure you are on wifi as you have not bought any data package)
Step 6: Go to buy data tab, you can start choosing the data plans you wish to buy, it will deduct from your main balance.
Step 7: Remember to turn on Data Roaming when you are oversea and off when you return to Singapore! You can start using when you are overseas and top up if your credit has run out.

Data Plan Package

Charges of the data plan available:

Short Term 4G Plans

Long Expiry 4G Plans



























The data can also be use in Singapore, and usually I will be the 3-day 1 GB for $5 if going on a short trip like Malaysia and my recent bali Trip. Since my last visit to JB was 28 Oct and I will be flying to US on 18 Nov, I decided to get a 30 days 1.2GB for $10. As you top up new credit, every $10 will be given 500mb local data.


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