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Sushi Airway

Sushi Airway Resturant

Sushi Airway Restaurant
Address: 20A Baghdad Street Singapore 199659
Operating Hours: 11.45 am - 2.30pm (lunch), 5.45pm - 9.45 pm (dinner) daily, Fri&Sat till 10pm
Contact: 6291 1151 (call) , 9426 5206 (Whatsapp)
Nearest Station: Bugis
Nearest Carpark : Public carpark available

Hubby made a reservation for my 30th birthday celebration this year on 9 March. We used to celebrate our birthdays at one of the fine dinning resturant however, this year something different. We head up to a japanese resturant to have good food.

I always think that nowhere can beats the fresh sashimi in Japan, especially i visited Sushi Daiwa I had a most memorable best omakase sushi in my entire life.  We came across sushi airway on facebook knowing that they serve freshly airfrown sashimi.

We are the first customer that arrived, the resturant was design like a airplane cosy environment, after settled down we had a looked at the menu. Not long, someone served me a bottled of preserved rose. I was caught offguard, that my 2 BFFS appeared right infront of me. Was a surprise for me.

They have seasonal items that the chef will recommend.


9 March 2018

We ordered the Sashimi platter for sharring, additionally added salmon & scallop shasimi. We try on the Uni tasting ($65, seasonal items) which is what i am very keen, with 3 type of uni for tasting. Is not easy to find tasty uni in singapore, because uni need to eat fresh.


Other than raw dishes, we also ordered cooked food. The tenpanyaki pork, chawamushi, soft shell crab, mango lobster roll, gyoza, fried ebi.

What about seasonal items? Other than the uni tasting is a must, chef recommended us to try out the Japanese tiger prawns ($19 each) that was freshly hibernate and hub and jojo loves oyster, we gave a try on large size oyster ($14 each) . I have to say, they are extremely fresh and tasty. If you are thinking that one item will cost you over 10 bucks that is very expensive, i got to tell you, sometimes you just need to spend a little to have a taste what freshness is about.


The limited edition daily where there is only 6 servings of this Grilled lobster topped with sea urchin sauce ($95 each). It was a luxury tasting for us to share it is so flavorful yet not too overwhelming. The garlic was also amazing good. I have it cleared up every single bit even we are extremely full. Super good experience to give it a try, have a taste, once in a life time, #yolo.

BFFS also bought me cake as dessert, and chef was a extremely nice person, he recommend us on the japanese melon that he had selling $35 per slice. He actually free us and placed in at the side of my cakes to wish me happy birthday. Two slice of melon were on service.



Each of us get to indugle half a slice of japanese melon. I can swear this is the best melon i ever had in my entire  life. It is not just sweet, the softness that can melt in your mouth with the burst of sweet melon jucies and slurp down your throat from you tongue. Facinating. Yes you will think that one slice $35 is very expensive, perhaps get a slice share among 2 person to have a taste. You will never forget what a japanese melon will taste like. I start to miss this melon

Not forgetting to thanks my girls for the bell of preserved flowers. Any hub getting me SK2 mask. Ah i was grumbling at him for getting at isetan by himself. You know, airport is cheaper and i cant earn rewards point. >.<

I have to say i had a memorable birthday treat at sushi airway. If you are keen to have some high quality food you can consider sushi airway. The service is exceptional good!  Thumbs up. Do make reservation with them.



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