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Sinlee foods

I came across this sinlee food from instagram and always finding chance to try. Finally, over the weekend, I head all the way down to tiong bahru after my facial for lunch.

I reserved via Chope before driving down, pretty convenient. 

Sin Lee Foods
Address: 4 Jln Bukit Ho Swee, #01-164, Singapore 162004
Tel: 6377 3170
Opening Hours:

We order fuji apple (left) to share and sis order lemonade (right) while mum order cappuchino. Got to commendrate their fuji apple is nicer than the one i had at cat cora where they serve me syrup. This fuji apple, squashed directly out from fresh apple, because i see it with my own eyes. >.< We ordered 2 x Duck & Duck and 1 chicken waffle to share. 

Duck & Duck - Japanese rice at the bottom, spreaded with slices of smoked duck, roasted duck skin, sichuan vegetables, hen egg and topped with big piece of Foie Gras.

Chicken Waffle - Crispy soft waffle with fried chicken coast tasted with har cheong on the surface of the flour, colestraws coated with orange sugar.

Chicken Waffle
Duck & Duck

They have more options but i am super satisfied with their Duck & Duck. Fattening though but should be alright to eat once in the blue moon. Will be back for more, worth trying and visiting. Well my friend went on the same day as me but was during lunch, was too crowded and she was serve with uncooked food that disappoint her. I was there around 3 plus pm, there isnt much crowd. Perhaps you may want to avoid their peak hours when visit!

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