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Rice Dumpling Festivals

Yearly Event -Dragon boat festival

Rice Dumpling Festivals round the corner, it falls on 30 May this year. So awaiting my mum to prepare and cook for the delicious "Ba Zhang" and "Nyonya Zhang". I almost forgotten about this untill my friend asked me if can ordered rice dumpling from my mum again. 

My mum always made 200 plus ba zhang and 100 plus nyonya zhang yearly and share across all the close relatives. I will than treat my colleagues but they encourage my mum to sell them. So after persuade my mum to sell a portion to cover her expenses which she can spend on all ingredients that get very costly lately, she finally started selling 2 years back to my peers where we only take private orders. 

So whats in there?  salted egg yolk, mushroom, pork belly, dried shrimp, dried chestnut and dried oyster. Unlike outside selling plenty of gultinous rice pathetic ingredient. Home-made dumplings are just so unique! You will know how nice untill you try it. Home-made just so much better. This year, mum will be making on 27 May and 28 May 2017.

Other than Ba Zhang, i like Nyonya zhang is sweeter taste. As times will get mum to customize for me using ba zhang rice with nyonya fillings.


Ba Zhang rate at $4 while Nyonya Zhang $2.50.

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