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Spend $75 and get $25 off

Where do you usually shop for groceries? I tend to buy supplies in Malaysia supermart such as detergents, softeners, cleaning liquids, Tissue, Kitchen towel etc. While I wil buy milk, eggs canned food in local supermart either seng siong or fairprice.

Lately, I came across Red mart where they are having promotion of getting $25 off for spending $75. That’s equivalent to almost a 33.33% off, new sign up eligible for 4 times purchase with 25% off for every $75 spent. I spread the news to my mother and friends. Helped my mum purchase the basic necessity such as oil, rice, toilet rolls, Top detergent powder. Red mart provide free delivery to home at the specific date and time you choose. Very efficient, delivery was made 2 days from the order. They do delivery on weekends too. Paying via credit card online can entitle to earn rebate from my OCBC 365 credit card.

As I was busy spreading the news, I didn’t sign up myself, and just when I about to sign out I realize the promotion was fully redeemed. Lucky cs has initially sign up and I use his account to start checkout the stuff. Lesson learn, if there is great deal, don’t wait! The whole household of 6 of us, only 2 person sign up.

I has my order delivered last Saturday and really satisfied. For those who had miss the promo, there is a current 20% off for new sign up for $30 order, with free delivery. The price on redmart is comparable to the price see in fairprice. Just that you can’t earn linkpoint.

I paid for $50 for the above items, including 1 kg of Japanese rice. I would like recommend the Top Nano wash selling at $6.45. After use, I notice that my colour clothes are brighter than before. It seems like it restore the colour.

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