Planning for Wedding Part 8 – Actual Day Night

Mandarine Oriental Wedding Banquet


Amber was back to hotel to do up my hair and make up for me and I went down to meet my friend, colleagues and relatives who make their time to attend our wedding. I did another session of tea serving at resting room beside the ballroom for cs relatives. After guest entered the ballroom sat down, we are waiting outside for the first march in. We march through the aisle after montage finished playing.


We were up there to cut the cake and went to the sit. Dinner starts to serve. I had my first bite and I needed go out to change as amber is waiting for me on my second hairdo and makeup.


Second march in after 4th dish serve, and we were up there for champagne pouring. The staff are nice, they specially prepare ginger ale for us to avoid us taking alcoholic during the toasting time.

After the toasting we have to walk around 35 tables for phototaking. I get really warm up and tired with the table rounding for photo taking. I have this girl following me throughout the night, holding my handphone, my gowns and helping me at all areas even I want to visit the toilet. She even offer to get me honey lemon when she see me gets exhausted. So far, that’s the best honey lemon I have ever had before. Thumbs up to oriental & Jia ling for taking care of me the whole night.

I had my spare time sitting and chatting up with friends and colleagues table before I was asked to wait outside to bid goodbye with guest. Basically the whole dinner, I didn’t get to eat any. We are so busy and didn’t even feel hungry at all. The food was served up to our room by the staff.

Review from guest, they had superb dinner. They had never had such a full wedding banquet dinner before. The food is good and despite stomach bursting they still continue to eat. I am glad oriental didn’t disappoint my guest!

After Wedding

I need to return the gowns and accessories back to Z wedding on the next day of my wedding. I also pay Amber $36 for the eyelashes used on actual day wedding.

I received the email and contact from zwedding that my wedding photos and video are ready for collection after 2 months from my wedding. The photographer Max who is my cousin army friend. What a small world. 

A total of 500 over photos were given and 3 raw video taken and the highlights footage was also given. 

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