Planning for Wedding Part 7 – Actual Day Morning

21 March 2015 Day

Usually on actual day, groom will pick the bride as early at 5am or before 7am, but hub and I are never early bird. So we picked the timing to leave my parent place before 9am. Which means he has to arrive my place not later than 8am.

Woke up early in the morning at 6am! Is consider late for other brides, this I have to admit. I wash up and dry up my hair waiting for Amber to arrive. For her to make up and hairdo, is less than an hour. My bridesmaids reached my place at 6.15-6.30am, and start preparing for the gate crash stuff. While amber came at 7.30am she is punctual. Both the chris ling photographer and videography arrive earlier to take some preparation photos and video.

I have time keeper not to drag the gate crash and hub picked me up and we took some photos at home with family members before heading to in laws place.

Our chauffeur drives extremely slow and finally arrive at in law place, took joss stick to do some praying and start eating Tang Yuan. Took some shoots and depart back. We return to our home to change to tea dress and head back to my parent’s place. By then, buffets already arrived. Serving of tea, can earn us ang baos. >.< After finishing tea ceremony, we tuck into the buffets. Really wise choice to cater so great variety.

Once done, I needa change back to my day gown to go out for shooting! I shortlist the Tree where is at the seletar. It was like almost 1pm and sun is really hot. But still we bear through the heat to take photos and some clips for highlight use.

We head back to hotel straight and continue to take more shots before we call an end for the morning session. We rest in the hotel after bath and the girls get themselves wash up and go for hairdo at marina square for $60.

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