Planning for Wedding Part 6 – Preparation for Actual Day use

Wedding Montage

In the market, there are professionals that can help in doing montage, but we choose to DIY to save the money up.

We short list of photos of our own childhood till we met and included of our prewedding photos. We had it into 3 section merge together with 3 songs, I was born to love you - Queen, 이홍기 - 말이야 , Beautiful in white - Westlife. 

We used the mac imovie to do it, pretty simple since we didnt expect fancy layout. We just pick up one of the template available. Input the photos, download the respective music and crop accordingly, merge them and TADA. We do it at night after work, and it took us about 3 nights to get it done. Only once we firm up the sequence the execution of each songs that play and the duration of the slide of photos then we export it out as mp4. Burn it into 2 CDs one to be brought and use on actual day, another to  be kept as spare in case of any hipcup. We also send to email to keep a copy.

Wedding Songs

Bridesmaids dress and bestmen suits

Well, I brought my girls to city plaza at paya lebar. Where they have shops selling bridemaid dress and dinnner night dress too.

City Plaza
810 Geylang road, 409286

Bought the dress as bridemaid dress for $50 each after some bargaining. As for the bestmen, is pretty easy, i bought pink ties for them and get them to wear in white shirt and black pants. 

Girls actually bought me pandora charms as wedding gifts. 

Ang Bao Box

Mandarine Oriental doesnt provide Ang box thus, i got to source myself not much worries because I have this BFF who is great at artwork! Credits to Jojo! I put up a request to have a ang bao box that looks like the singpost mail box and my bff jojo get it done for me. Her hands are just so magical! >.<. I only provide the empty A4 paper box for her and she just get everything up! Many thanks for your hardwork during the difficult times of yours.

Photo Booth

We check through with several photo booth package range from $600 to $900 for 2 hours. We find that pretty expensive and we decided to DIY. We bought some of the props and the backdrop from tabao. We bought a photoprinter from harvey norman sales for 100 plus. Purchase of the additional of hundred prints to be use. 

On actual day, we realize the backdrop is not required. Oriental actually had a suitable location for us to set up and just take photo. Pretty manual, so we get friends to take photo and 2 person to manage in photo printing. Manually setting will abit slower though. But what really matter is we have all the softcopies.

Additional Purchase of wines

Oriental actuall only provide complimentary of one bottle of wine per confirmed table. We had 35 tables in total, and we prepared to buy additional wine. So we went to wine connection at greenwhich to pic and spend $314 sgd for additional wines.

Shoes & hair accessories for actual day

I was searching across for wedding shoes to be wore on actual day and came across prettyfit at wisma atrium. My feet is pretty small, is really hard to get myself a pair of right size shoes. But i left with not much time, thus i just bought the platform wedges heel. I stuff 3 layers of heel grip and 2 layer of insoles for size 5 shoes. 

I also need to do some homework to have an idea what hairdo i would like to have for my actual day. So i simply just went to taobao and search for bridal hair accessories and screen through the hair design. At the same time i bought some of the hair accessories, as z wedding doesnt provide hair accessories, if i need, i need to get them myself.

MC speeches

Actual Day schedule and task

Things to bring along - Check list

Order Catering for Actual Day at mum place

 As i will be back to my mum's place for tea ceremony, dad decided to invite his colleagues to home for buffet as he couldnt invite many of the colleagues for wedding dinner. I discuss with sis and decided to order from 2 source to have greater variety. I prefer english style buffet over the traditional chinese. But mostly are relatives and dad's colleague we ought to have some chinese food to fill their stomach up. 

We ordered from Neo Garden and Mei hao for the lunch buffets 30 pax each and $862.42 sgd.


Prepare of Ang baos to be issued on actual day

Ang Bao List Qty Rates Total:
Roast Pig 1 38 38
Open Car Door 1 38 38
Sisters gate Crash 6 58 348
Brothers 6 38 228
MCs 2 28 56
Tea ceremony sx - close 10 20 200
Tea ceremony sx - so-so 10 10 100
Tea ceremony cs - close 10 20 200
Tea ceremony cs - so-so 10 10 100
parents mua - may $50     0
Mhelps 4 18 72

Guest List Confirmation and Table Arrangement

After we got hold of our invitation cards, we send to those who we had confirmed their attendance with us beforehand through facebook and whatsapp. Well, be prepare that there are last minute people who cant make it. It is just part and parcel.

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