Planning for Wedding Part 5 – Z Wedding gown selection & Mandarin Oriental Food Tasting

Gown Selection at Z Wedding 30 October 2014

It is about 4.5 months before my actual day wedding, I was arrange by Z wedding to visit their boutique at tanjong pagar for gown selections and fitting. I took a half day leave and had my gown selection at 2pm.

I was brought up to level 3, they will have a staff delicate serving me and help me to change into gowns. So I try and try, there are several attractive gowns than i am keen. But my package only allow me to shortlist a white gown for day and one gown for night and a tea dress.


Groom suits fitting is rather simple, is choosing of colors only and type of accessories either tie, bow, vest etc.

Trial Make up with Amber at Z wedding 22 December 2014

I have to meet up my MUA - Amber who is really nice lady and really great in dollying me up. Unfortunately,  during my first make up trial, i experience swollen at my upper eye lid. And went to see doctors. Either it was due to allergy to the food i eat or could be allergy to the make up that i had the day before. So i text amber and she was in shocked and arrange another round of make up with me. Because i hardly make up, so she propose to use make up set that i have. So i brought the sephora eye shadow set for her to use. Everything was fine after my second trial. 

Selection of menu for Food Tasting at Mandarin Oriental 1 March 2015

Before our wedding, we were arrange by Jenny to have a food tasting at Oriental Hotel. Where i have previously liase with her the shortlisted menu i wish to have for my dinner. So they set up with the theme i request for on the day of food tasting.


There was this young girl serving the food for us and even suggest if i want to try some duck that was available from other side who are also having food tasting. So we give it a try, but Dad like pig trotter even though i dont fancy i still go for the pig trotter which is different from many others banquet. 

Once we are done with the dinner, the chef came in and speak to us if we have any comments. Well, i believe of their professionalism so i did not have much worry with them and just jot some comments on the food.

Printing of Wedding Invitation Cards

We collected the invitations card from Jenny and we need to source printing of invitations card ourself. Jenny recommend us to tdragoncards, and we email them.

Our invitation cards was done quite late and confirming on the template, paper type design icon and fonts takes us a month to communicate with them through email. We ordered 260 cards for $262sgd.

The followings are their quotation to us and icon is additional of $10 if i remember correctly:

For printing cost : Text ( English & Chinese ) on one side
Gold or silver foil hot stamping on ivory, pink or cream insert :
1st 100pcs is $140, subsequent is $0.40 each. nett (No GST)
sorry there is $10.00 different for the gold stamping
Other no change . thanks
Normal gold ink printing on ivory, pink or cream insert on one side :
1st 100 pcs -200 pcs is $100.00 subsequent is $0.20 each.
Text ( English & Chinese ) on Double side
Gold or silver foil hot stamping :
1st 100pcs is $180, subsequent is $0.80 each. nett (No GST)
Normal gold ink printing on Double side :
1st 100 pcs -200 pcs is $160.00 subsequent is $0.40 each.
Tying gold string : @ $0.20 per pcs
Tying ribbon : @ $0.50 per pcs
With special paper : 230gsm metallic card price @$0.30 per pcs
We need about 2 to 3 weeks to complete the whole process.

My advise is not to print too much invitation cards, nowadays you can just digitalize it. I have plenty left over is a waste though. Just print bear minimum for elderly should be fine. Alternative, malaysia has some invitation card printing service available. Just prepare early. I only collect mine on 3 March 2015 and i should have do it earlier.

Father Jacket Fitting

Back to Z wedding for both father Jacket fitting. Everything seems fine. And i requested for MUA to makeup and hair do for both mothers which they are charging $100 per pax.

Wedding Car Rental

As for car rentals, since they offer i just rent from them to save trouble looking out online. They charge me $480 for that day, car will leave upon dropping us at hotel. Pretty ex, but i can save the trouble to look for reliable one and i dont have to get someone else to drive for us or in a event the car got scratches >.<. So i save the trouble and pay for it. 

They will do up the wedding car before hand so i did not need to arrange for it. 

We also shortlisted the hand boquet for our actual day. So all hub need to do is to collect a day before our actual day. The car deco ribbons will be given by the chaffeur on the actual day.

Final Fitting and Collection of gowns and suits 19 March 2015

2 days before the actual day of wedding is the final fitting and collection of gowns and suits. 2 gowns, 1 tea dress, 2 groom suits, 2 father jackets, and the necessary accessories, corsages we have selected were given to us.

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