Planning for Wedding Part 4 – Chinese Customary

Nuptial Bed - An Chuan

It is a chinese traditions to an chuan before the guo da li. 

Things to prepare for An Chuan:

  1. 4 types of fruits, 1 each signifying Safe, Peace and Good health throughout the four seasons yearly.
  2. 1 pineapple signfying never ending prosperity and happiness from generation to generation.
  3. 1 loaf of Huat Kueh (Fa Gao), signfying fruitful union with good wealth and abundance fortune.
  4. 1 Red packet with $12/$120/$1200 in it to signfy Fame and success throught the 12 months yearly.

Procedure to An Chuan:

Once the auspicious time, is due, (refer to the time given by Master Long), put on the new bed sheet. Place the 4 types of fruits, one at each corner of the bed. Place the rest of the item 2-4 on a red plastic bed and have it at the centre of the nuptial bed.

Once the nuptial bed is blessed, you may then proceeds to the Na Cai aka Guo da li procedure. Upon returning home from na cai/guo da li, all the items on the nuptial bed may be kept and fruits may be eaten. But the Ang Pao must be kept either on the nuptial bed head or bedsider drawer. The money in the ang bao can only be spent on the second day after the wedding day. On that night, the nuptial bed must be occupied by a person on the very night after the blessing.

Opps, photo missing the other corner fruits, and I just realize when blogging that we place double fruits of each type instead of 1 of each type. 

Hokkien Betrothal Day - Guo Da Li

Things to prepare:

  1. Betrothal Package 
  2. 12 Oranges
  3. 2 Bottles of Alcohol
  4. Happiness cake (Xi Bing)

Grooms is to be accompanied by an elder relatives or a good friend when going over to the Bride’s house.

  1. Stick Double Happiness Stickers onto every orange. Place the 12 Oranges into the 1st layer of the basket.
  2. Place 2 bottles of alcohol into the Organza Bags that was given in the package we bought, and place them into the Double Happiness Cloth bag together with the candles.
  3. Red Packet to be given on Betrothal Day: Ping Jing – the amount is best discussed beforehand. Bride parent will take a portion and returned some
  4. Place the Ping Jing red packet wrapped with the everlasting red cloth onto the tray provided in the package and then place the tray on top of the oranges in the 1st layer of the basket.
  5. Pass the food items in the basket, alcohol & candles and the tray with the red packet to the Bride’s parents.

The food includes:

福建米老饼干, 麻老饼 and 貢糖 – represent the traditional hokkien customs

酒,猪脚罐 – represents prosperity (only wealthy families can afford alcohol & meat in the past)

冰糖 - represents a sweet and loving life together, to be used for tea-ceremony.

紅棗, 桂圆 aka longan fruit, 蓮子, 百 合 – represents a harmonious life blessed with kids, some items are to be used for tea – ceremony.

All food to be returned back to groom a portion. Return orange juice in replace of the alcohol.

Candles – both pairs to be brought to Bride’s house, where bride’s family will keep the pair of Dragon (accepting the Groom as their Son-In-Law), and Groom will bring home the pair of Phoenix (giving their daughter to the Groom).

I order my Happiness cake aka Xi Bing from my friend who bakes. 6 x Cup cakes of mix of 3 choice flavor that i opt for in a box. 1 box for $15 and i ordered a total of 36 boxes after confirming both sides parents required quantity. friend gave me a additional discount. That will be $13.50 per box. If you are keen of ordering cup cakes for any of your event or baby shower or celebration cakes, check out Friends & Dessert. Check if you can get some discount by using my name.


I actually bought most of the an chuan stuff and guo da li from the chinese wedding shop. It kind of convenient, they have a few store and i went to the ang mo kio outlet.

I bought the Betrothal package for $154.80, 1 x Cao Duo $5.80, 1 x Flower basket for the use for my flower girl during our march in $19.90, 2 x wine bag $6 and the nupital bed plate with all necessity for $38. We rent the basket deposit need to be place and will be returned upon returning of the basket.

Total spending $224.50. Additionally bought some red packets to be use during wedding.


Additional Things

My mum actuall want me to have more things as Jia Zhuang. And i feel is kind of waste of money, how much of those things will i use in my daily life after getting married. I bet none. Well nevertheless, I still let her get whatever she want. I suggest her to check out the stall at KSL where i expect it is cheaper over there in malaysia. 

We got this package which include the all sorts of red pails, a set of tea set, a pair of bed lamps to be lit in our rooms 3 days straight before wedding, red umbrella to be use on the actual day where my day will ferry me out to the car, red fan for me to throw when leaving my parent's house to in law house. Bowls, home slipper, chopsticks, sewing set, small wooden shoe, combing necessity on my actual day where father can comb my hair for me ( but they already bought a set during the china trip in china), black gold, face towel,  pyjamas for me to wear on the eve of wedding day, Yuan Qian, happiness stickers. For 388 RM.

The auntie serving us are helpful, we request if we can opt out some items and replace with others. She allow us to do so. For their design of umbrella, fan, tea set, there are a few design to choose from though. 

Other than whats above, mum bought me 4 dian jin! That is to show that i didnt married in empty handed. These chinese traditions really. But well, jewel company benefits!

I didnt like gold, but this set of design attract me and I really like them and mother bought it at SK. For this set of pure gold jewellery, it costs $5327 sgd, the rate of gold was $59 sgd per gram on the day of our purchase. I will be wearing on my wedding day with my white gown.

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