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Pablo Cheesetart Singapore Wisma Atrium

Pablo Cheese Tarts

Japan popular Pablo has came to Singapore in August 2017, thats pretty good news. They open a cafe in wisma atrium when you can enjoy the cheesetart on the spot.

PABLO Cheese Tart Singapore
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 435 Orchard Road #01-02/38, Singapore 238877
Tel:6835 9269
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Nearest Station: Orchard 

They have Cheese tart 15 cm Cheese tart in 3 different flavours of Original at $15, Matcha at $18  and Chocolate at $18. They also has premium cheesetart selling at $28. Other than the signature cheese tart, they do have mini cheese tarts they call it Pablo mini tarts selling at $3.50 each. Later in the year, they will be releasing match flavour which will price at $3.80 each.

You can expect there is long Q for pablo and there is also limited purchase per customer entitled to. Other than tarts, they also have in pablo smoothies and cheese soft serve! Which i have yet to try both the smoothies and soft serve in Japan.

The cheese soft serve selling at $3.90 each and it comes with matcha flavor where as the pablo smoothies actually comes with 5 different flavours they are the Classic Cheese Tart at $7.80, Special chocolate at $8.00, Rich Mango at $8.00, Rich Berry at $8.00 and Uji Matcha and Azuki Cream at $8.50. 

Pablo Cheese tarts

Since i tasted Pablo cheesetart back in Japan and decided to try the original cheese tart in singapore. Alright concluded is about the same only different that back in Japan we can opt for rare, which those selling in Singapore are in medium. Pablo cheese tart and will not be my first option of choice of cheese tart as they got apricot jam at the top layer which is not of my liking. The Cheese tart filling taste like those custard mousse texture.

But, i really like their mini cheesetarts! I quote it the best cheesetarts so far. Better than hokkaido and baked cheese tart. Many people opinion differently though. Reason why i think pablo is better is the cheese filling. You know baked cheese tart has the very thick cheese flavors while hokkaido has it super thick crunch of crust. Pablo crust was rather thin and probably not as great compare to baked cheese tart and hokkaido cheese tart. BUT, the cheese fillings are fluffy and airy. The cheese flavor was mild but the texture was great. You probably wont get too sick of it after one. If you prefer simple and mild, perhaps you should try pablo mini cheesetart.


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