My Journey to remove freckles with Dore Aesthetics

Trouble with freckles

I having freckles as young as primrary school time bascially due to 2 reasons, freckles developed thanks to the genes i have and no sunblock since young. Those freckles appeared on both side of my cheeks and recent years i notice it gets more more spreaded out.

Not forgetting my recent trips to US and Perth, that kind of sun that shines, just burst my freckles despite my monthly effort visiting my facial to lighten the stubborn spots.  I even try the kind of facial laser trying to remove my pigmentation, spend $50 on a small area to try if it works. (usually it is use to remove mole) It turns into dark brown and it get peels off abt a week later. The downtime was quite unsightly, so i just use my fringe to cover when at work.

When i went to travel in Japan just a month later, the freckles of the exact spot returns! Than i realize there isnt real cure for removing freckles.

I have a BFF who experience very bad ance problem and she started seeing asethetic doctors. But looking at her complexion recovering  from those redness look like rotten skin everytime she removes her make up till she now her skin was as smooth as a korean star skin makes me start to realize perhaps i should look for asethetics doctor to solve my pigmentation issue.

I went online to check out and came across Dore Aesthetics, they were having promotions and a free trial. So i decided to go for a try. To be frank, i am skeptical on how my freckles can be gone, but still i am hopping if it will happen in my life time.

My Journey with Dore Asethetic


Dore Asethetic
SBF Centre, 160 Robinson Road. #04-02 Singapore 068914
Nearest MRT: Tanjiong Pagar Exit F
Opening Hours: 11am - 8 pm (Mon-Fri), 10 am - 2pm (Sat)

I was attended by Min Er, my consultant and i was welcome with drinks and refreshment. I shared with her my troubles on the freckles i have over decades so she share with me the kind of treatments that Dore Asethetic is offering, and professional certified asethetic doctor will perform the treatment for me.

I signed the package after negoiting of the package price, I have to be frank, it will not be cheap and it requires a few treatments to actually see results. I am desperate and decided to spend a little bit to  give it a try if freckles can be removed.


This is my stubborn freckles, the first was the photo i am done with my 1st treatment. What i really like is that there is no downtime and my skin feels smoother after the treatment. I was told to moisture my face at all times and I was given sunblock and yellow cream to apply daily.


After the 5th visit i do see significant change in the freckles. Feels lighten and lesser. Freckles are still there but not so obvious and dare. Due to my schedule i am not flexible to head down to tanjong pagar after work since i work in the north area.

Since my 5th treatment in mid dec, my 6th appointment was schedule in mid Jan. So hopefully, there is even better results.

Every treatment it is only about 30mins, First i will brought in to a room, and they will help to cleanse my face 2 times. Follow up seeing Dr. pris, they will actually take photos of my face at all sides before the treatment. Once down, i will lie down on the bed, with eye capped covering my eyes and Dr pris will start with the laser. From the first time it was a bit hot and after which every next session she will goes higher. It even hotter but still i can tolerate, it only took awhile. So for the result, i tell myself to endure. After that there is another round but rather feel was air blowing all over my face. Once down, i am back to the other room to put on gel mask and under light for 10 mins. Subsequent they will wash my face again and apply mositurizer and sunblock for me. And i off to go after signing the day treatment.

Perhaps i have really stubborn freckles, but i am looking forward if more freckles will gone in the next few treatment.

6th Treatment

After my 6th treatment back in Jan, i haven visited for my appointment so far, due to the busy schedule and unable to slot in as Dore are packed in schedule too. Suppose 7 March was my 7th treatment, unforunately doc pris was on MC. So again my treatment got to push back.

In fact after the past 6 treatment i really very satisfied with the lighten of the freckles on my face. Of course, it will be better if they are gone totally, and i hope they will diminish as i complete my treatment with Dore asethetic.

There are still few spots that are darker, people like me who suffer freckles for more than 2 decades are very happy that freckles can really blur out. The photo below is my current state in March.

 Taken on 09 March 2019

Here are the photos after my 5th treatment, im really very satisfied with dore aesthetic, always spend so much on buying all sort of beauty product just to lighten my spots, and alrdy thought there wasnt any hope. Dore asethetic truly proof me wrong, and i really have great hope.

If you are interested in trying out Dore asthetic, you can check back my results and you are welcome to drop me a message, i am glad to share with you the package and refer you to my consultant to get you the best deal for your need!


  1. Hi, what was the treatment used? Pico? How much was the pkg? Does the treatment work for melasma also? Please PM me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Esther,

      I had email you, im using iris facial laser treatment. Alrdy PM you the package and deals. Do check it out!

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