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My Journey on Invisalign

18 Jan 18 Start of my Invisalign Journey

Before fixing my Invisalign, there are some attachments to be attached to my teeth and following by shaving off my teeth.The whole duration took about an hour, no pain with the shaving just sometime the hard push to try fitting and i was given 3 sets of invisalign. 2 weeks to change one set of invisalign.

It was really cool and they guided me how to put on the aligners is the same as retainer. My very first tries putting in OUCH! VERY TIGHT! Thats normal it meant to be tight. Oh well it was quite painful for me. The soring pain just like you have sensitive teeth and eating ice cream that kind of OUCH x 10. It doesnt go away quickly. Time to time it will have the soring pain.

My First Day on invisalign, you cant tell unless you get a very close up

I was given chewies to chew to make sure my aligners sit properly. I need to ensure to keep my aligner on for at least 22 hours a day. And of course to remove when eating. Color drinks should be avoided other wise i will need to remove the aligners or drink it with straw.

One box of retainer brite to wash my aligners twice a week. A storage container to keep my aligners when i remove it. To keep it clean, i will have to brush it frequently up to my personal hygiene.

My first experience with Invisalign, is painful but i suppose the braces are much more painful. Removing in the first morning was painful after brushing teeth and putting it back is even more awful pain. Dr Keith says i will feel uncomfortable for the first 3 days and i should believe his words to endure. It is just the start of my journey. No regrets and look forward in 1 yr time!

Paid $1000 for the payment of invisalign and $25 for the chewies and brite retainer cleaner. Total $1025SGD

Here is the breakdown of my cost of the invisalign full for $6500. I had fix 2 buttons and using the bands to fasten the process. The buttons suppose to be $50 was FOC for me.

1 Feb 2018

I am now on the 2nd set of my aligners. Just a quick update, on the first 4 days of the start of my journey with aligners are pretty awful. The pain was bad. Surprisingly, after the first 4 days, there isnt any pain. 

Changing it on the 2nd set of aligners, and i thought i would experience the kind of pain when i first wore my first set. Wrong! it is not painful and just a little tighter. Thanks goodness.

It can be troublesome to brush and floss teeth every time after i eat before putting back my aligners. 

So far so good. 

28 Jun 18

I am half way through of my invisalign treatment, personally i do feel  changes in terms of the shift of my tooth. Base on my last visit, orthodontist compliment me for being very discipline. I have trying my very best to keep my aligners on for at least 20-22 hours a day.

From july onwards, they will be introducing 7% GST thus i am considering to pay off the balance of $1500 in june to avoid the 7% GST. So I booked scaling and polishing with them on 28 Jun 18 and at the same time to clear off the remaining balance.

Tanglin dental at the nine residence also providing a very attractive price for scaling and polishing at just $49.90. Perhaps the cheapest i can find in Yishun. I use to visit Kang Ren for $60. Never expect i can find even cheaper dentist. Required early booking especially for weekend slots.

Dr. Keith checked on my attachments after cleansing my teeth, and all attachments are still intact. Dr Keith check on my situation when i am on aligners how painful that i still feel. I told him there wasnt pain when i start changing aligners however, i encounter 1 day painful on my 12th aligners, and time to time some of the tooth ache suddenly. Dr. Keith told me is fine and since i am at my mid way of my treatment, he advise me to change my aligners to 12 days duration and he release another 6 sets of aligners to me. Not sure if the aligner works well, but lately there are people telling me that my face look slimmer but i actually didnt lose any weigh or in fact i am still gaining. I explained it could be the aligners. During the early days when i started aligners, i could have much tough food. All fried food was not consume, and i think that was the time i am having healthier food and also lesser meat. Ever since i did not encounter any awful pain caused by aligners, i start to eat freely.

If you are keen on doing Invisalign, i highly recommend to get your invisalign done with Tanglin Dental. For referral, you can quote my name: Soh Seok Hian, you will get a $50 off for your treatment. Better than nothing right. So if you are keen, give it a try. Next appointment in 3 months time.

26 Dec 2018

I was on my 29th set aligners with a total of 31 sets, i am almost coming to an end of my treatment. Yes, there was really a change however, it seems like after my review with Dr Keith, the left side shifted very well to the position while the right side are not closing up that well. So after some discussion, I think i shall go for refinement after CNY.

During my visit, he had my attachements remove, and still keeping the buttons as i still need to keep the bands on.


17 Jan 19 - The end of my Invisalign Treatment

Time flies, and my treatment  had ended earlier than expected by about 2 weeks.

I seriously see the change along my jaw line, and the my teeths are really pushed back and aligned. I had opt to continue to do some refinement as Dr. Keith notice that the right side of my teeth doesnt fit that well compare to those on the left. When keeping the teeth together, there is some gaps on the right side.


So as i got the full alignment package, within 5 years i can just redo my aligners for just paying the scanning amount at $299. This is actually an option. Since i can change a series set of aligners no harm trying.

Overall i am very satisfied with Tanglin Dental for the treatment. For those who really curious how much change after my almost a year  of invisalign treatment. The phptos below are the before and after.




  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing with us your invisalign journey! Do u know if there are any student price deals for braces at Tanglin Dental? And is your referral code only applicable for invisalign? or it can be used on other types of braces too?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I had dropped you an email.
      For Invisalign the price differ base on your complexity. For my case I required up to 31 sets. So it fall into the higher price category. If after assessment you only required less than 20 aligners probably it will be Invisalign lite package.

      My referral code: Soh Seok Hian
      Is entitled for all treatment when you signed up with them.
      Just note to them you are being referred by me when you register urself at the reception. Do emphasize that they will be deducting $50 off your treatment if you sign up.
      Do share with us your treatment ^^

  2. Hi Shuxian, can you post the before and after of your teeth after invisalign? Thanks! Really want to see tge effect!

  3. Hello! Can i ask for the cost is it a fixed cost 6500 for anyone at tanglin dental? Or its more expensive for more complicated cases?

    1. Hi,

      It is a fix price for full Invisalign. Where my case I needed more than 20 sets of aligners.

      You can always quote my name as referral and go for a check. Their consultation is only $29.90.

  4. Thanks..Your post is very detailed and answer some of my doubt.

    my 13 year old girl wish to do invisilign.
    i called and they said going to charge GST next month. this will mean i have to pay everything this month if i decide to go for it..heartpain…
    it is quite far from my home too.

    1. Yeah, I actually made my balance payment with them.
      CS, I actually suggest you let your gal to do braces either the metal ones or the ceramic one. After all she is still young at the age of 13. Ceramic is not very obvious too. Do remb to quote my name soh seok hian to get $50 off. I will suggest you go for progress payment else very heartpain for one time full payment

    1. Hi,

      I did my Invisalign at tanglin dental @ yishun. It is located at yishun nine residence.

      The total cost of full cost $6500. I will post the price list on blog soon.

      1. Hi. Can I know how many payments U made for the $6500? How much u paid for the first appointment and then subsequently the rest of the appointments? Tks.

        1. Hi,

          My first payment was the X-ray $200 plus
          Subsequent is the extraction of wisdom tooth.
          I paid $1.5k once confirm on going for the Invisalign.
          Subsequent $500 every visit when I collect my aligners.

          1. Thanks for your reply. So every visit is about $500? Has there been a visit that you need to pay more than $1k? I read that u mentioned that there is a visit that u had to pay about $3K plus? Tks!

          2. I requested to pay up the balance because from July onwards they will be charging GsT. So I wanted to avoid the 7% so I request to pay off the remaining amount myself. They are ok with it

  5. Hi, not so much on invisalign but more on the concert tix u posted in the forum. Hvnt got a reply from u so just trying an alternative to contact u. Hope to hear from u soon.

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