Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Facial Cleansing Brush

I visit my facial beauty salon once a month, look back the amount of investment i have put on my face is definitely in 4 digits. Despite spending quite abit on new facial products and different therapy all these while, I enjoy really much to pamper myself for the relaxation that i always look forward to every month for that good 2 hours of facial session that comes with head, shoulder back massage. 

I was introduce to this Mary Kay skinvigorate cleansing brush where it's function is similar to clarisonic mia 2. A clarisonic mia 2 cost $250, and replacement of the brush head is $40 each. For hygiene purpose, replacement of the brush head is recommended after every few months of usage. The price of the brush head cost $22 for 2 which is cheaper to maintain.

I bought it for $108 with the Mary Kay 100ml whitening cleanser, comes with 2 head brush, and batteries since there is a promotion. The brush is very soft and fine that can do a thorough cleaning for sensitive skin. I was given to try it out during my facial time. I was convinced by the smoothness that left on my face after just one try. It is light hand held and simply running on batteries so I can just leave it in my shower room unlike the clarisonic which require to bring out to charge. As age is catching up, is essential to keep face skin well maintained. 

Currently the mary kay skinvigorate cleansing brush selling at $81sgd, inclusive of 2 brush head. In white/pink in color. Those who are interested to get this brush can leave your message below.

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