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Mandarin Orchard Hotel Triple Three – Hokkaido Harvest Buffet

Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Hokkaido Harvest

Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard Hotel
Address: 333 Orchard Road Level 5 Singapore 238867
Nearest Station:Orchard
Time: 6.30pm – 10pm daily
Price: $128++ (adult), $48++ (child)
Reservation:  online via Chope* here or call 6831 6271
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17 to 29 October 2017 Dinner Only

Back by popular demand and indulge in Hokkaido's finest harvest and delicacies. With over 12 live stations including a seafood charcoal grill, raclette cheese station, ramen station, and an  extensive selection of Japanese desserts. Cocktails and mocktails crated with Hokkaido ingredients are also available from $9.00++ per glass.

If you love hokkaido food and seafood lover, you should not miss the chance at the annually event Hokkaido Harvest here in Singapore from 17 October to 29 October 2017.

DBS/POSB/UOB/Mediya cardholders enjoy 50% off every second diner

Hokkaido Harvest 2017



They have the Airflown of Hokkaido King Crab, Snow Crab, Bluefin Tuna and more. Unlike other Hotel international buffet which usually serves only salmon, what Hokkaido Harvest serve Not only Salmon and Salmon belly, they serve hamachi, maguro, hotate and ebi sashimi! In love with the salmon, hotate (hokkaido scallop) and ebi. They taste heavenly good!

Needless to say, the crabs from Japan is definitely sweet and will never disappoint you the freshest sweet taste from the crab. They have oyster they will only allow 6 pcs per pax at a point of time.











The sashimi was a great highlight because of the hotate and ebi which i have never chance at other buffet. They are so good, even the tuna is great too. (im not a maguro fan) The crab is sweet, the miso soup with big calms taste great. The ramen not bad, the pork rice was pretty well too. They have this grilled lobster with mentai is good i went for repeat order. Not forgetting the Hokkaido Beef, is tender and flavorful. They have tempura station too, i really like their pumpkin.


Other than these, my frav uni sushi came available at the later part of the dinner! Oh my, it taste so good and doesnt has the smelly spoilt taste. It is so creamy yet with some uni sweetness.  I was really full, but i still cant help to have more uni sushi. What is the chance to get uni on buffet. Normally outside uni sushi itself cost $18 each, sashimi at least $38. And if it is like uni sushi at sushi express for $1.50 taste awful. But the chef (sunny) who is preparing the uni sushi counter, always gave that piss off look with sighing whenever i order. i Only went twice once for ikura and once for uni. Oh well, perhaps he is having a bad day. It was a great dinner just that disappointed by his service. We added the uni onto the crab meat! 

The food is good, i was really full but still i have to go for the dessert session. I had the raclette cheese with potato and corn. The Corn is extremely sweet and crunchy. The strawberry shortcake is a must, soft and fluffy. Otherthan the strawberry shortcake, the hokkaido baked cheese tart is exceptionally great. I can say is the best best cheese tart i ever had. Seriously, the crust is so crispy like tarts but not thick. Upon first bite the cheese flows out like a light weigh liquid. It doesnt taste sick, the mild taste was just nice and i believe the coated sugar on the top of the tart really give the overall taste a big thumbs up. My stomach was about to burst but i couldnt help to get another one. I think i was in a desperate mode. I does not like the extremely full feeling, but the great food of choice simply spoilt me and i have to burn off more fats and it is definitely worth it.  They have ice cream in apple and sea salt flavor which i can only have a spoon taste of it.


Upon our exit, the staff recommend us to try the melon soft serve that is only here once a year. I was extremely full and still i have i spoon taste. I guess this is the buffet that i did not mentally restricting myself from overeating. But with that quality and variety of food that i like, is really hard to have self discipline! We were given a carpark tickets that is entitled for free 2 hours and we it was just nice we didnt spend more than 2 hours there hence, it is consider a complimentary car park for us.

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