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Japan Fair

Japan Fair at Takashimaya

After dinner in Ion, we head down to takashimaya for the japanese food fair. There is a stall selling milk pudding, cheese pudding that is too hard for me to resist. For 1 small bottle of white pudding cost me $4 while they selling the hokkaido milk ice cream for $6 just one cone! Expeneisve but still buy! What is the chance to eat such food, rare, so I just have to pay for the price.

There are quite a few food tasting stall, and I come by a Uni-Ika, comparing to the Ika Uni that i had at Sushi Dai is exceptionally good. No others can beat sushui dai thus far. The sweet taste of uni are not commonly found at any japanese resturant, except sushi dai.

At takashimaya, the Tai Cheong egg tarts should never be miss out. There isnt anymore long q like previously.

Hokkaido Fair in Nex

Visit the japan fair at Nex on the very last day 9April 2017, similar to what i saw at takashimaya the day before, but there are more food. Even the sugi honey that i use to buy in nishiki market are selling at the fair.

Try the milk salt ice cream, the japanese sweet potato and hokkaido waffle. Generally, I find them expensive in singapore, but japanese food is unresistable. Thus, I ought to spend some bucks from my pocket to satisfy my taste butt. Reminisce back for the past 2 consecutive year during  march/april i used to be in japan.

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