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Recontract to buy Iphone X

Every 2 years I will renewed my contract with starhub and will definitely get the new IPhone. This year, apple release IPhone 8, 8 plus and X. My monthly subscription for a 2 year plan is $68 and the price for IPhone X (64GB) at $878 and (256GB) at $1103.

As a hub club, I was given $100 re-contract voucher to offset my mobile price thus I pay a total of $1003 for iPhone X Silver 256 GB. I had pre-ordered earlier on and manage to book my iPhone X successfully on 31 Oct 2017. I have to go to causeway point (I opt myself) to buy the phone. My appointment is on 3 Nov 2017 11am – 1pm.

On the other side, SingTel booking is one day later than starhub but SingTel user able to purchase online and had their iPhone delivered to pop station! That means, SingTel user does not need to Q and they can make payment online to save time from queuing at the shop.

I arrived at 10.45am outside the starhub shop and queue has already formed. They opens at 11 and thanks god, they only allow for collection for preorder. We walked in orderly to register ourselves to get a queue number. Those who are buying on behalf of subscriber should bring along authorization letter and subscriber identification card.

After taking the Q no, I waited quite a while for almost 40 mins before my number was called. The processing was really long. I couldn’t understand what’s taking them up, but it seems like re-contract buying the phone they have a lot things to type. It took me another 35 mins sitting there before the staff opened my iPhone in front of me. They come with a smart care which I didn’t want it, the staff asked me to call in 1633 to cancel myself. Oh my goodness. I was than directed to cashier and with NTUC membership, I am able to earn link points.

Whats new on Iphone X for me?

I am not those high tech gigs but if you are asking if it is worth buying the iphone X, I will say depend your needs toward a phone. Some people only need a simple phone to call and message. Some prefer for better camera while for me I prefer user friendly phone that makes my life easy!

Apple has always and will be my choice since I rely on icloud to backup. Whole family using Iphone including parents. Airdrop photos sharing has been easy and never degrade the photo size.

I am still new to Iphone X functions, but what’s really make me happy with my purchase is the size of the phone. That size of grip for Iphone X is just perfect for me. My previous Iphone 6S has been a little small compare to plus but plus size iphone doesn’t seem to fit into my jeans or dress pockets. But Iphone X has a smaller size yet the screen is bigger than Iphone plus. The main menu button has been removed and using the face recognition to unlock. Nevertheless, there is always passcode enable. So don’t have to worry if face recognition doesn’t goes too smoothly. Apple pay works well with both passcode and face recognition. One more notice for me, camera is generally better for both front and back camera. With the portrait mode for front camera as the additional feature, is kind of good for selfie!

Iphone X remains easy to use although it is a little pricy compare the usual time, but knowing that it is 256 GB, I don’t have to worry to explode my memory space after using for more than 2 years. With the new wireless charging function, it means I will have to get the wireless charger. You don’t have to worry that you forgot to bring cable or the cable no longer support because it is pirated one.

I still more time to explore this new iphone. If you are always pondering the size between iphone and iphone plus, I can assure you, Iphone X is the perfect size for your palm. I bought the new silicone iphone sand pink case from apple at $58. Really like the color and grip.

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