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Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

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I fancy Ma La Huo Guo, and before my sister introduce me the Imperial treasure steamboat, I usually have my steamboat in Hai Di Lao. This Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant located at Ion orchard.

In Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant, they don’t serve spicy soup but yuan yang pot is available. The price range is slightly similar or a little pricier than Hai Di Lao. They have both set menus and ala cart menu for choice. Reservation is required and just happen that we pop in on Saturday evening 6pm without reservation, they offer us table but required us to release the table by 8pm.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

The environment is super cosy and posh probably match the word of Imperial. What truly impress me other than the ambience, is the soup base that taste as it was done through many hours of brewing with the pork joints and chicken till the soup turned milky, a little collagen taste yet not overwhelming. A nourishing taste to start off the steamboat, at least feels healthier.

Before they serve the hotpot to the table, they will actually place a tray with condiments and sauces for you to take to prepare for the steamboat and is free. Unlike HDL charges $4 per pax. The fried garlic is the highlight while the rest are good too, untouchable is the coriander.

We order the 2 pax set that cost $98 itself, and some top ups to share amount the 4 of us.

Set Menu for 2
The top up from ala cart menu

The food serve was fresh and are of good quality. Their service are very attentive, soup was refilled without request and one of the staff offered me fork and knife when I was having a hard time to poke my chopstick into the corn.

Total damage $174.

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
ION Orchard, #04-09/10, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6636 9339
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.00am – 3.00pm, Dinner 6.00pm – 11.00pm Daily

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