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Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant 
Address: 134 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088538
Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm, 5pm – 11pm
Contact: 6221 3001
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

If you are looking out for some Korean BBQ in Singapore, you should head down to Tanjong Pagar. There is a wide range of Korean restaurant along the whole stretch just like if you are looking out from bridal studio.

I will like to recommend Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant as they serve free steam egg when you dine in. It was my 4th visit at Guiga, but this time I ordered something NEW, that is raw marinated soy sauce crab! Never tasted before, have been tempted to try them when I was in Korea and didn’t get the chance back then. I decided to give it a try in Singapore when I saw it on the menu!


We ordered the BBQ beef set C ($69) was alright, I would prefer the premium cut, the seafood tofu stew aka sundubu come with rice ($15) is extremely good and of course the highlight of the dinner will be the raw flower crab aka Gantang Crab ($30) it has 8 sides which form up 4 crabs. It was flavourful and slimy. Well the soy sauce was just right it wasn’t too salty and it taste really great and a new achievement unlock for myself. Not forgetting the wide range of side dishes are really great too. Every single dish was wipe out by us. The steam egg is foc and the total meal cost $136.53 for 3 of us.


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