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Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge 2017

2017 Healthy challenge

Health Promotion Board is promoting Singaporeans to stay healthy. From August 2017 till end of October 2017 you can join the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge for sure win rewards.

There is a total of 5 tier rewards to be redeem, for tier 1, you will need to earn 750 points to redeem $5 voucher. I will go for Seng Siong or NTUC voucher) capital mall voucher is also available. Tier 2 you will need to earn additional 1500 points to redeem $10 vouchers and subsequent tier are 750 points each for $5 voucher. There is a total of $30 voucher to be won. Similar to Step tracker, however, this time the challenge require to eat healthily.

*Eat Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge Season 2  from 1 November 2017 to 30 April 2018.

How to sign up for the Challenge?

Step 1: Download Healthy 365 App
Step 2: Sign up
Step 3: Join the Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge under the challenge tap

How to earn and win the Prizes?

Step 1: Choose Healthier option from participating outlets

Step 2: Collect Receipt with QR code or QR ticket from participating outlet (cashier)

Step 3: Click on the orange camera button in the Healthy 365 app and click “Scan QR Code”. You must scan the QR code on the same day of your purchase to earn the health points, up to the weekly maximum health points for each category.

How to determine healthier option?
Do make sure you see the healthy pyramid.

Example of the QR code from the reciept or QR ticket:



Healthpoints Per Healthier Item

Weekly Maximum Items for Each Category

Weekly Maximum Healthpoints for Each Category*

Qualifying Dish




Qualifying Drink




Qualifying Product




Weekly maximum


375 Healthpoints

You will be given 740 points as a welcome gift to start up, the points will expired if you do not scan any QR code within 1 month. Simply purchase and qualifying dish you will able to redeem the first tier of $5 voucher.

I have already redeem mine, start now. At least earn the first $5 is pretty easy. Please note that the 740 points will be credit after 1 hour later after your sign up. So do not worry if you don’t see 740 points immediately after your sign up.

Participating Outlet

The Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge has come to an end, but fear not, the ongoing new challenge to enable to contue earn vouchers is the National Step Challenge Season 3.Please see my blog on the National Step Challenge Season 3 for more information.

National Steps Challenge™ Season 3 2017

For more updates please stay tune for the Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge 2017 Season 2 that will come with a total of 20 tiers, 150 points to unlock each tier, and sure win rewards starts from 1 November 2017 and end on 31 July 2018. For new participants for EDSH season 2, you will be awarded 140 points upon your sign up.

Season 2 participating outlets:

Lesser participating outlet compare to season 1.
F&B outlet: Hot Tomato, Kopitam, Sake Sushi
Supermarts for product: 7-Eleven, cheers, Fairprice, Seng Siong


  1. From 11 dec – 24 dec, eat drink shop healthy challenge is now having promotion.

    They will give out 300 healthpoints each week when you perform 1 scan for 2 days each week. 300 healthpoint will be credit into your account at the end of each week.

    So juz make sure each week u have 1 scan for any 2 days.

  2. Saturday I had two NTUC QR Code, after I go to Sign in Season 2 Eat Drink Shop HC. Then I go to scan the QR Code, the system show is invalid entry. May I know how to solve?

    1. Hi Vivian,

      I did not encounter any issue when scanning the QR code. I have helped you dropped an email to check with them. If i got their reply i will keep you inform here. Do check back when you are free.

    2. Hi Vivian,

      They had replied me and it is due to their servers was down and some QR receipts are returning with errors during scanning. They are working to resolve.

      You may wish to email them your name, NRIC, Contact number and a screenshot of full receipt (listing of purchases) and QR code

      If you are not able to provide them with the receipt, you may give them a brief description of your purchase (healthier choice products)

      You can contact them at or 1800 567 2020.

  3. Today’s the last day of challenge. And I’m short of 40 points to reach Tier 2 for sure win reward of $10. So wasted. Haiz.

    1. Yea is kind of wasted. Don’t worry, these challenge will be available every year.
      Now they start new challenge is step challenge. You got to clock 10k steps to redeem for sure win vouchers.

  4. Wondering how come sometimes they give 45 bonus points after we scan 5 points, then other times don’t have. Is there a system to this?
    Thanks for your informative post!

    1. Hi,

      There are promotional week thus you will get x10 bonus points. For instance for purchase of product or drinks is 5 points you will be credit with 45 bonus points and 5 base points which sum a 50 points. while for healthy food is 10 points, during promotional period x10 you will get 90 bonus points and 10 base points and that will be a total of 100 points. During promotion period, it will be easier for you to achieve to clock the 750 points

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