Dyson Supersonic

After a long wait, the arrival of Dyson Supersonic which i eye for quite a long time.

I dry my hair daily with the aid of Braun Satin Hair 7 Professional, it is a salon type hair dryer. Having thick and long hair, I required fast blowing hair dryer which i bought this braun few years back. It comes with ion tech which believes enhance hair drying process.

When the release of dyson supersonic, it claims as light weigh and quiet due to its seamless design.

Unboxing the supersonic that selling for $599 sgd in the market, while I manage to get it at $334 sgd.

It comes in two colors, either white silver or the classic color pink grey. Couldn’t decide which color to get, and since my sis want to own one, I just get both colors than decide again which color I should bring them home.

Try and tested both working perfectly. It actually much lighter in terms of weigh and it actually dry faster almost reduce half of my drying hair time. Furthermore, it is light I don’t need to strain my arm muscle holding it and it is not that loud compare to the one I used previously.

Definitely a good buy, but price wise are pretty expensive at $599 sgd. If you are willing to spend, just get one. Hairdryer can use for some years. So why not get a good one?


  1. hello, ur blog post is informative!
    just wondering if you’re any social platforms (eg, ig/ fb) to connect?

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I have plans to startup sharing on ig & fb, will keep you notify once done!
      Do visit back often 🙂 hope you have a great weekend ahead !

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