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Durian Khaki

Durian Khaki at Nine Residence

Durian Season for Singapore are usually from June to August of every year. This year, the harvest of the durian doesnt seem optismistic due to the hot and dry weather result in low harvest. Price are expected to be higher since supply is lower. Recommend Durian Khaki to those looking for quality durian. The price are definitely slightly higher than those stalls along market but they assure you best quality.

Durian Khaki 
Address: Nine Residence, #01-83 Junction 9, 18 Yishun Avenue 9, 768893
Tel: 8405 8509
Nearest Station: Yishun

Mao Shan Wang

Well, it was not my first visit to durian khaki and my fil used to be fruit distributor thus, somehow he will ordered durians for us and my family. Time to time, i do crave for durians and since i start to earn i more than willing to pay for a quality taste of durians. 

Durians can be expensive but they are just so good. Best period to have them is between July and August. One of my fravourite MSW aka Mao Shan Wang, the flesh are in bright yellow in color, its creamy buttery and bittersweetness are the signature taste of MSW. It's price is about $25 per kg.

I have been following Durian Khaki facebook and there was one night they suddenly having promo selling MSW at $22 per kg. Without much hesitant, i get hub to drive me down to buy 2 durians that cost me $69. Superb! Really like the MSW. They only accept cash payment terms, if you are heading there do remember to have sufficient cash and check their rate of their durians on their Facebook.


Earlier August, office has durian party yearly and this year the durian was exceptionally good. We get to taste all sort of different durian and my fravourite is definitely MSW. Other than MSW, i fancy golden phoenix aka Jin Feng. The flesh is pale yellow in color and comes with extremely small seed. Thats give plenty of flesh to eat with small seed. It tastes bitterysweet and a little more watery.

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