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Going in JB on weekend

3 June 2017

You can get to JB by car by bus or even train. For train, you will require to book the tickets in advance thus it has to be a preplanned trip to JB. Which i have not try yet.

I usually head to JB either by bus or car, pretty convenient and i go in once every 3 months not very often though. I usually went in for 3 things.

  1. Massage
  2. Manicure & Pandicure
  3. Gorceries and stock up pharmacy medicine

Transportation Method to JB

3 June 2017, as many knows already a start of school holidays. Expect to be crowded as last yr the Q for the bus was horrendous. But this time was something different!

We arrived at the singapore custom about 5-10 mins before 10am. The custom was filled with crowds, I never expect the auto passport gantry will have jam too. The Jam was so terrible that they have put up those barricate so you will walk like a snake to reach and whats worst the crowd has already filled up the entire area.

So after Q for there 10 mins and the Q was not moving we were discussing if we should go somewhere else or drive in instead. Check the onemotoring site on the traffic, the 2nd link traffic was clear. So we decided to make a U turn and leave the Sinagpore custom.

We approach the officer standing at the door, he ask us to approach the office for assist. We were told to gave them our passport and have to wait. So after like 15 mins wait the officer brought us via lift to another office room. The whole process for us to decided not to go jb took us more than 45 mins. 

We were left waiting and waiting in the room while waiting for those officer to update and record before they can bring us out. During our wait, we heard officer asking what is the reason of not going in JB and they say this will be the first warning. They will put up for record and subsequent, will required to FINE SGD 500!

Well, im totally speechless. The crowd above was terrible, if ones only realize that the crowd is so bad at singapore custom, this amount of crowd will eventually landed at malaysia custom. The hours of waiting are likely to take more than 3 hours to reach JB because after clearing SG custom, we still need to Q for the bus and Q in Malaysia custom again. Unless you got MACS where you paid and apply for it so that at the JB custom you do not need to join the normal Q to get your passport chop.

When it was finally our turn, those officers start to ask our reasons of canceling our plan, we start to grumble that the crowd was terrible and they say is normal on every weekend and especially is during school holidays. I was like, they probably really didnt know what we mean by the bad crowd we face one level above them. They say that they  will process and recording of our such action. But seriously, no signage was put up mentioning that you should not consider to make a U turn where the crowd was terrible. Whatsoever, i was ultimate piss of though. Understand there may be security issues but looking at them how they work they are just pass time in the office. They gave mew the impression that, if i decide not to go, is creating them trouble for them as they need to do the necessary procedure of works. SO if no ones allow to make a U turn at singapore custom, does that mean they dont require to work at all? There is the ASP uncle even tell us, no second chance, next time just wait and Q to go in. I was like, zzzz, you probably really didnt see how bad the Q was. We suspecting the system was down for the self- gantry. And you know humans can frustrated over long waiting time. Bascially, those officers just reminded us that we should be prepared of the crowd during school holidays. Well not that the news had reported. The one who are doing the key in told us there is a app to check the crowd, and we didnt know of it that we can check the crowd in Sg custom, so we ask her which app. She told us onemotoring! Eh, isnt that check for the traffic for roads to custom! We decided to U turn becos of the human traffic crowd in the custom. Sigh. 

I guess i have enough of grumbling. We manage to leave there after almost 45 minutes of wait. And i believe, ICA have rooms to improve in many areas to faciliate singaporeans and foriegners in singapore. 

If you are driving in these are the things you will need to bring:

  1. Passport
  2. Touch & Go card with at least 50RM
  3. GPS -  data sim card or car GPS
  4. Ringgit

In the end, we drive in. Usually I will drive via the woodlands causeway checkpoint, but we decided to try the second link at Tuas which the traffic seems clear. Just on google map. We are delighted at the singapore custom officer. Thumbs up for his service, he seems cheerful lively and kind. Really appreciate meeting friendly people and it actually brings up our day that was periviously spoilt by those sitting in the offfice!

There was quite a Jam before reaching malaysia custom. 2 vehicle breakdown at lane 1. Poor thing. We paid 20 RM at the malaysia checkpoints  and there is 2 toll fee that cost 6 plus to 7.50 rm each.


Where to go for Massage in JB

We drove straight to Wangzubuluo. It was my 2nd time of my visit pretty recommended. My past visit was always Bangkok Spa. 

Address: No.10 Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor

I took the package A while the rest took package B. Brother is their VIP member thus, we able to get the discount of 20RM. To be their member, simply pay 1000RM and credit into the card. And subsequent can use to offset from package cost. Is just a upfront payment thats all. I took the ear candling was really good!

KSL City

My hideout in KSL is always the mani + padi in Gelish for 120 RM includes their 6% GST.

Magical Nails, the one at level 2 has changed and i went to L1-122.

Tesco, i went int o shopped for gorceries, bought scotts paper towels 6 rolls for 12 RM, chicken essence 15 bottles for 84RM,4kg Top smart clean detergent for 27RM Vanish white wash liquid detergent for 17RM and some miscellous stuff and spend 198RM in tesco. 

There is another Giant Hypermart at Leisure Mall which friend brought us there before. Great Supermart to shop for household items. Tesco are pretty crowded. Carpark fee is 1RM only.

Address: Lot 1.01 & B1.01, Pelangi Leisure Mall, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 8am-11pm

Just infront of the Tesco, there is a stall selling this crispy crepe, cuttlefish flavor selling at $16.90 rm.

Dinner in JB


Steam egg is only 10RM. Total spending for 5 pax is 381.85 RM. Wifi is available. Wifi password: ilovenammoon    

Nam Moon Korean BBQ
Address: 31, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

Pump Petrol in JB

If you are driving in, normally you can wax and polish or just do a simple snow car wash.

A must is to pump your petrol to full tank. 97 V power from shell. Thats how cheap petrol are in JB. I have to pay $2.1 sgd per litre. After site discount and credit card rebate in singapore is about $1.72 per litre in singapore. Where in JB is 0.77 cents sgd per litre. Not forgetting in singapore i pump 95 only.

Now shell petrol station also provide car wash services in JB. It cost 10 rm for car snow wash. Is really cheap. Where singapore is $7 exterior and another $7 interior. 

Buy new tyres for your car in JB is cheaper

In the past I had my tyres change in Singapore borneo motors, that cost up to 700 plus sgd for a set of 4 tyres. But I heard from friend saying that tyres in Malaysia are generally cheaper than in Singapore. I thought this type wear & tear exterior stuff, maybe we can change it at Malaysia rather wasting money spending in Singapore.

The following this the invoice for reference we change last year during our visit before they impose the additional 20RM fee on Singapore cars we paid 1081.2 RM for 4 pcs of new 15 inch Michelin tyres. Which translate to $349 sgd.

Currency: 1SGD : 3.1RM

It is near Wisma tiong hua and the popular abalone noodle stalls just right turn after the stall. There is a shell petrol station behind the workshop.

Hawk Tyre Service SDN BHD
Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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