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Doing Invisalign at Tanglin Dental – Part 3 on 4th visit

Journey on invisalign - Pluck wisdom tooth

As advise by the orthodontist, Im required to extract 2 of my upper wisdom tooth. Due to my busy schedule from the start of 2018, I arrange to pluck on 14 Jan 2018. The whole extraction took less than 30 minutes.

What you can expect from normal extraction.

First, they had some cotton wool to both sides of my mouth touching my gums and immediate numbing effect at my lips and probably gum but I am not sure about it.
Next, Dr will start jab in anaesthetic to my gum. each  side one jab and also inner which I can feel a little but it wasn't pain at all it just as if you are cleaning teeth.
Waited for 10 mins for the anaesthetic to take effect.
I will hear some cracking noise. When it was taken out I couldn't feel Just after the first wisdom tooth on right been taken out, the one on the left was out in less than 3 minutes.

He asked if i wish to keep my wisdom tooth n so i took a look wah that was pretty big and i shook my head. He given me three days mc. The cost of my extraction of the 2 wisdom tooth is $300 and i was given some painkiller and gauze that cost $7.

I paid a total of $307 on my 4th visit. They called me on 15 Jan 18 to inform me that my aligners are ready and i required to do the IPR aka Interproximal Reduction shaving of my tooth and that will take 1hr plus. And right after the IPR i will start my journey of aligners.


Aftermath of removal of wisdom tooth

It bleeds for the first few hours and i need to bite onto the gauze . Many will experience swollen face, but I did not. many could not eat but I will able to eat as per normal. However, for tougher food such as mushroom and meat I will have difficulty on biting. I felt I have no strength in biting. The missing tooth in my mouth make me feel really disturb. To prevent to pain came I had pain killer first. First night, unknowingly unable to have deep sleep even though I did not had any pain felt. Dr mentioned it might affect my sinus, and required me to avoid exercise and swimming, just breathe normal if I feel breathing a little abnormal. Everything seems alright just the 2 hole in my mouth making me really paranoid that afraid food residue to be trapped in there. Felt a bit aching at my inner cheek but not swollen.

My journey on aligners shall start on 18 Jan 18. Looking forward.

My Journey on Invisalign

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