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Doing Invisalign at Tanglin Dental – Part 2 on 3rd visit

Review of photos, Xray and treatment plan video

Suppose the plan will be ready after 2 weeks from my last visit, however i was away for holiday for nearing 3 weeks and couldnt find time after my trip.

I visit on 20 Dec 17 to review how my plan is going about. First i was show the video of my aligners plan. Expected for a total of 28 aligners required for my treatment. Each aligner will be wore for 2 weeks, thus I will need 14 months for my treatment. 

Here is some of the photos of the plan proposed.

There will be some points they will be installing to assist my shifting of teeth. Since i have decided to go on without extraction as extraction is plan to remove my inner 4th tooth of both sides to make space. I choose not to remove any of my precious teeth. However, i still remove my 2 upper wisdom tooth as recommended. It will be a normal extraction so it will cost $150 for one wisdom tooth. 5 days of MC will be given though. As i will need to IPR that is trimming of my each tooth and there will be quite a far bit to do, so the process will require an hour. 

I paid another $1.5k as they are proceed to the aligners and it will be ready in 3 weeks time. I will need to schedule to pluck my wisdom beforehand. 

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