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Doing Invisalign at Tanglin Dental – Part 1 on 1st 2 visit

Braces to straighten teeth

Recent thought of putting up braces to fit my overbite of my upper teeth. Back in school days, dental had recommended me to put up on braces to straighten my teeth so I will look better. It was rather expensive for me to pay for 2k plus to 3 k while I am only at the age of 13 years old.

Now, I am at the age of 29, I came across the thought of touching up my teeth by putting braces. Since I had work for 5 years, somehow I am able to afford myself.

There are a few types of braces available out in the market:

  1. the traditional metal braces
  2. the ceramic braces
  3. invisalign

You can always can get a letter to refer to the public dental hospital to put up your braces that will be subsidize by the government. Since it is public, and with subsidize, it means you need to wait for your Q. The wait can be up to a 1 year or more. But the price is definitely lower.

For the metal braces, it will likely cost up to 3k-3.5k for the whole treatment. Some cases, required you to remove wisdom tooth and tightening with the wiring can be quite uncomfortable. Brushing of teeth has to be with more attention, and it will slightly affect your speech. And you got to wear it for 2 years.

There is another type similar to metal braces but is less obvious compare to the metal braces. It is suitable for those prefer to have less visible of the braces that they are wearing. Of course, less visible comes with a slightly higher cost that can range between 4k-4.5k.

Last but not least, the invisalign almost invisible and they do not have the wiring across your teeth. The price is one of the highest it can go up to 8k. At my age, I wouldn’t wish to go through any pain and trouble and of course I prefer to have less visible braces. Somehow I still need to work and attend meeting with client. But for the cost of 8k sgd is definitely way expensive that I am willing to pay for. Invisalign will required to be wore for 20-22 hours a day and new aligners will be prescribe once every 2 weeks.

Tanglin Dental in Yishun

I came across this tanglin dental at Yishun Nine Residence, if I were to visit regularly, the dental near my place will be more convenient to me and below is their price list.

Tanglin Dental
Address: 18 Yishun Avenue 9, #01-38 Junction Nine Singapore 768897
Consultation Hours (Yishun) Monday - Sunday 10am- 930pm
Closed on PH
Contact: 6266 2280, 8121 7631 (whatsapp)

After encouragement support from husband and friends, if I can afford than why not it is going to be a long term change as long as I have discipline wearing of retainers every night.

So I decided to visit tanglin dental at nine residence for consultation at a price of $19.90 without appointment. They are good enough to arrange a quick consultation for me.

They had explained to me the different types of braces available as I mentioned above and the likely cost. Dr Keith attended to me and took some checks for me before he advise me. My case was not very bad, it depends if I wish to go for extraction of my right wisdom tooth as it could be affecting if it grow up. Well nevertheless, he knew that I am not willing to have the extraction, he say we can wait and decide as the treatment goes by. Of course, without extraction, the treatment will be between 9 months to 12 months for invisalign. In the event if I go for extraction, the treatment will take 3-4 months longer.

So after hearing, I decided on spot to just for it. For the price of 6k-6.5k I am already mentality pay for. Is upon hearing the treatment duration is within 9-12 months that make me very enthusiastic on going for the invisalign.

So they took X-ray and moulds of my mouth for me on the day and it costs $180. I didn’t have to pay an additional of $19.90 for consultation.

To be honest, invisalign can be expensive, but if you are like me, been thinking through for more than 10 years, and with a normal income, somehow, it is still affordable. Reason why I didn’t go for several dental clinic to check for price because I think the location convenience is important. Imagine you have to visit the click once every 2 weeks, for long term, if travelling far, the time spend and transport fee will incurred and may not be worthwhile.

They also have invisalign lite that cost between 5.5k-5.9k where only several aligners point required however the invisalign full comes with a 5 years warranty where in an event I failed to wear retainer, my teeth shifted, I can always request them to do up for me. Is kind of insurance I feel.

So after the X-ray and mould, the next visit will be the scanning of my teeth and taking of photos of my mouth and teeth. I have to make sure that my teeth is clean so not to affect my scanning. So I went to Kang Ren Dental beforehand for do a thorough cleaning.

On my second visit, Dr keith scan all my teeth into the computer, he simply input the scanner, smaller version of an ipl machine type. Not painful but as it goes in to scan the inner tooth he can be a little disturbing. After the scan, they will required to take several photos. The whole process takes about 40 minutes. I paid for $1,500 on my second visit. Sadly, their credit card machine is not here yet, thus, I pay via nets. That means I couldn’t swipe my Amex true cash back to get at least 1.5% rebate. Hopping that the machine will come asap before my next payment.

Dr Keith has highlighted to me that the Orthodontist will suggest of removing of the previously mention right wisdom teeth, no surgery just a quick extraction will take about 15 minutes and will be given 3 days MC. Oh well, but I really don’t wish to remove any of my teeth. They will be doing IPR Interproximal Reduction which help to make space by shaving off 2mm of each tooth.

They will prepare 2 cases of option video of my case to show case how my treatment and my teeth movement will be. 1 with extraction and the other is without extraction. The one without extraction are likely to be more predictable said Dr Keith. The video likely to be ready in 2 weeks’ time. I will be away for holiday for 2.5 weeks, thus I will contact them once I am back.

After reviewing the video and I have to come to a decision to go for extraction or not and payment will be another 1.5k. Upon collection of aligners it will be another $1k and subsequent will pay accordingly for the aligners of collection said the cashier.

After 2 visits, I have a damage of $1,680 sgd to the tanlin dental. I will try to get some photos from them if possible to show my journey with invisalign.

Doing Invisalign at Tanglin Dental – Part 2 on 3rd visit

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