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Dancing Crab at Orchard Central

Dancing Crab Outlet at Orchard Central

Polymates gathering so I decided to have a lunch at Dancing Crab, 8 of us with one who doesnt really take seafood. But there is non seafood dishes as well.



We ordered 3 x Combo Bag #01 and 1 x Combo Bag #02 to share among the 7 of us. First Combo #01 is the Mild Spicy Signature, 2nd Combo #01 is the Spicy Miso Butter (only available in Orchard Central Outlet) while the last Combo Bag #01 is the Beurre Blanc that looks creamy non spicy. As for the Combo #02, we get it in the last flavor, Zesty Garlic Butter.

We conclude that Beurre Blanc flavor is the hot favourite among all the flavors. The Mild Spicy comes with tomato taste while the miso butter taste a little like tomyum. I like the garlic butter but it gets oily at the bottom.

Combo Bag 01 is selling at $88 each while combo bag 2 is selling at $40. While ordering, the staff keep introduce us to get the dundress crab which is 1.2kg and i check with her how much will that be, she says $220 and recommend us to get 2 sets to share and get more sides. Or to get the lobster combo which is another seasonal price. I was pretty uncomfortable with the pushy sales talk. So, i paused till she is done and start ordering, else she keep interrupt and carry on with her recommendations.

Each bag comes with a sri lankan crab, prawns, white clams some sausages and corn for combo 1. Whereas for combo 2, it just replaces the crab with mussels.

By the time we are done, our non seafood friend finally arrive, so i recommend him to order the chicken and waffles selling at $15. The portion was quite big with 2 pieces of chicken and one full piece of waffle.

Drinks are selling at around $4 per glass. Total bill: $414.75.  Average spending per pax is estimate to $50-$60. 

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #07-14/15, Orchard Central, 238896


After our lunch at orchard central, we decided to walk over to 313 to have some dessert and chill for awhile. We ended up at O.Ma.Spoon, a korean dessert cafe suitated just outside the Hai Di Lao. 

We ordered the chocholate brownie one of their best sellers, rather normal. It reminds me of the milo shave ice at After You is so much nicer. 

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