Black & Decker Air Pressure Washer

Washing of cars

Well, ever since my dad change to new car in early february this year, I had suggest him to not spend every month $50 on the washing by the car washer at our area. Since he only uses water to wash and the cloth could have resuide which may cause his new car to have scratches on the window glass panel.

I have been trying to help my dad to wash car together with hub's car. Dad has this spraying tube as we can link from our house to the car park given the benefit of staying at first floor! Hub has alway thought that there are pressure gun available that could make our washing of cars easier. But I thought such washing can make us sweat once every 2 weeks as a form of exercise.

Finally, today hub went down to self fix at the seletar mall. Bought the Black & Decker air pressure washer for $154 sgd. So basically, we just use the water tap that we used to use previously plug in and extend power cord out to supply power to this machine. 


The spray gun is strong enough to remove dirts and stains. But wonder if we should keep a distance to avoid the strong pressure that might peel of the paint. Because we tested on the car park floor by spraying on it and this is how strong it is.

Is actually a good purchase i feel, definitely reducing our total time and effort spend on car washing. On a side note, this required power supply, thus not many household able to get the power supply if you wanna wash in MSCP. I manage to do so because mum staying at 1st storey all i need is to use extension plug to provide the power supply. If you can get power supply, then this should be very well recommended for car owners. 

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