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Bashu Lanren Mala Self-Heating Hotpot

Lan Ren Ma La Hotpot

I came across this mala hotpot that self-heat itself by adding water into the thermal pack. I always keen on mala hotpot and thought of trying after seeing friend posted on facebook. I bought one beef version and one vegetable version from Qoo10 for $9.90 and $7.90 each.


I tried it at home as lunch on both occasion. I had to say, it is really very convenient. The soup and taste was truly authentic and great. I prefer the meat version as there was little thin slice of beef and beef stomach I suppose. They taste tender. They have small pack of glass noodle, vegetables such as lotus, potatoes, slice cabbages and black fungus and also 3 mini quail eggs. Overall I prefer the beef but the ingredients are really limited.

You can always add crabstick, hotdog, spam and glass noodle to enhance the hotpot. That what I did for the vegetables pot. I added more Korean glass noodle and spam ham aka luncheon meat. Well do note, don’t consume much process food after all they are not very healthy. I only recommend to try once in a while to have a taste of it.

How to cook

1. Open the packaging and empty the container by removing all the packs that was inside the container

2. Separate the white container from the red, and place the mala paste at the base of the container

3. Add in the beef, vegetables pack, quail eggs and glass noodle pack accordingly

4. Pour some water into the white container with the food. Just half full

5. Remove the plastic of the heatpack, and place the heat pack in the red container *ensure the heat pack itself is fully sealed

6. Add a small amount of water into the red container with the heat pack. Fill till the bottom line

7. Place the white container over the red container and cover it up with its cover

8. Wait for 10-15 mins, you will start hearing boiling sound in 3-5 mins. Let it contud boil

9. Add sesame oil, serve and eat *reminder, the container will be very hot. You may wish to match the pot with a bowl of white rice base on personal preference. You can add just a little sesame oil for fragrance else it can be very oily.


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