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How to go to Artbox Singapore

Artbox will be in Singapore on 14-16 March 2017 and 21-23 March 2017.
Address: 2A Bayfront Ave Singapore 018970 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970
Opening hours: 3.00pm - 11.00pm

If you are heading down via train, nearest mrt station is bayfront, follow the exit toward bayfront ave. There isnt parking lots available, if you are like me who drives, I actually park my car at suntec and took downtown line from promenade to bayfront is just 1 station away for $0.77. Car park rates at suntec is $1.10 per hour. As im expecting i only require 2 hours at artbox.

My visit to Artbox Singapore

I head down to artbox on 16 March after I have touch down from my HCMC trip.

What I am actually keen are the foods selling at the artbox and one of the stall which I would like to check them out - firstsightsg they sells rainbow baby breathe.

Expect huge crowd, thus, i decide to be there early at 3pm, so i get myself prepared with sunblock, shades, cap and umbrella. A sunny day, and the crowd is no joke. The pathway is pretty narrow and along the food street where people starts with long Q jam the limited walking space. Mountain people mountain sea thats what in the artbox singapore.

While i thought i can enjoy some snacks at the artbox, the weather is way too hot and many stalls are on long Q, but the ultimate reason for me not spending much at the ARTBOX is due to the price. I only manage to bought a cup of thai milk tea for $2 since thai milk soft serve selling at $4 are not available. And also bought a cup of churros for $5 with 10 pcs.

Original Churros with Vanilla Sauce

Mango sticky rice, one of my likes are selling at $5.50 to $6.50. Grilled osyter selling at $12 while some pancakes or chicken buns are selling at $7 each. Ice cream selling at $5-$6 per cone. Looking at the price that they are selling does not seem appetizing to me anymore.    

I make my visit with FirstSightSg stall number 99, selling rainbow babybreathe, they just look very lovely. Those i saw at the stall was small size selling at $16 while i spotted there is 2 bigger bouquet and requested for the size, they are selling at $28 but was already reserved! They does not have anymore stocks. Thats a kind of disappointment for me as the motivation to the artbox is visiting this stall since they are only there on the first week. I gotten their namecard and whatsapp to liase with them on my order. Well, they claim the babybreathe will dry up after few days to a week, and after that, it can be kept forever. 🙂 

You can go to facebook or instagram to check their products. firstsightsingapore on FB or @firstsight_sg on instagram.

There is another stall selling baby breathe and lavender too. $15 for one small bundle, but placing in bedroom will definitely boost sleeping quality.

There are stalls selling perfume, clothes and kids clothes. I came by a top selling at $25 per piece for short sleeve and $30 for long sleeve. Honestly speaking the texture material is great, but for the price rather pricey for me. So i gave it a miss.

If you haven been there and considering if you should paying a visit? Hope some of the photos above i provide gives a clearer picture how artbox singapore is like. 

If you are okay with the crowd, you may go at a later time where sun set, and most importantly, you are willing to pay for the price of the food there. Most stall accepts cash and nets.

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