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8 Days 7 Nights In Japan Itinerary Part 2

Day 2 - Kyoto 10 March 2016

  1. During our 4 days 3 night stay in Osaka, I have planned to Kyoto and Nara which I can travel via JR Pass. So we set off early in the morning and traveling time is within 30 mins from Osaka station to Kyoto station via JR Rapid Service for YASU. At the Kyoto station, check the hyperdia which track no to take to sagaarashiyama

1st destination in Kyoto is to the Arashiyama the bamboo forest.

Upon arrival the Sagaarashiyama station, walk to the back where u see the red vending machine, just walk straight or simply follow the crowd. The walk towards the Arashiyama is about 5 to 10 minutes, just before the entrance, you will see a stall  that sell matcha ice cream, you may want to try it.

As you walk along the path, rows of bamboo forest for you to take nice photos. Very calming walk actually. We walk out and visit to one of the admission required, where we get to see some cherry blossom inside . 

It was already afternoon, and we head down to Nishiki Market for lunch. How to head to Nishiki Market? 

From the Sagaarashiyama station take JR line back to Kyoto and take their subway to Shijo. Since the subway is not under JR, you will required to purchase the tickets at the ticketing machine to shijo, by selecting the amount of the fare with reference to the board stated. For example, in hyperdia it will state the fare from kyoto to shijo via subway is 210 yen, thus just purchase 210 yen tickets and you can get through the gate and wait for the train. Whole journey from Sagaarashiyama to Shijo is around 20 mins.

Upon arrival, it is about 10 minutes walk to reach the nishiki market, simple google to lead you the way.
Address: Japan, 〒604-8054 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward

Sugei Honey is great, like the honey lemon, the octopus ball are good too. After Nishiki Market, we head down to Inari Shrine. So walk back to Shijo station, and buy the subway tickets for 210 yen back to Kyoto. At Kyoto station, take the JR line to Inari (use JR pass). Whole route duration is about 10 mins. After getting off at JR Inari Station along JR nara line, Fushimi Inari Shrine is just across JR Inari station!

As it is a tourist attraction, so is pretty difficult to take without anyone. You will get to see ladies in Kimono walking up or down. Further down from the shrine, they sells some souvenirs and there are street stalls that you can buy some snack to bite. The grilled pork belly is tasty.

It was almost 4pm, we decided to head back to osaka to have crab dinner at dontonri. Walk back to Inari station and take JR Nara Line back to Kyoto and from Kyoto station take JR back to Osaka station. Fully on JR pass! About 35 minutes to travel from inari back to osaka.

Our dinner will be at dontoburi, nearest station is at namba, so from Osaka station we need to walk towards Umeda subway and buy their subway tickets to namba for 240 yen. 

I expect long Qs, as recommended by my colleague, so i was there around 5.30pm for dinner, surprisingly, there isnt any Q. We were directed to take a lift to our tables. It is obvious King Crab restaurant in dotonri you will see the crab signature.

You will not get disappoint with their dishes and crab. So satisfying and im in love with the Crab Sashimi that they serve, is so sweet! Ah, i think i just like raw food. They are just fabulous good and at the end of our steam pot, they clean up the soup and pour in rice and cook porridge for us using the steam pot essence where we throw in crabs and vegetables! You know it is going to be tasty but we are already extremely full but still we slurp everything down! 


 One set from the above menu is about 4,000 plus to 5,000 plus. We spend about $40 sgd per pax by ordering 2 sets and some sides and don. We spend sometime strolling the shopping street to digest our dinner before we head back hotel to rest. 

Mum was complaining some pain in her tooth and gum, we went up and down to look for dentist but couldnt find one. And i search online and found one that can communicate in english. Dentist in Japan. They close very early and it was 8pm, i email them and check if i can make an appointment.

Day 3 - Osaka 11 March 2016

We visit the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium instead of Universal studio, not so adventures and since we will visit the Disneyland in Tokyo.

Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium
Admission: 2300 yen per adult, 2,000 yen senior above 60 yrs old
Opening hours: 10am - 8pm
Nearest station: Osakako
Tips: you required about 2 hours

How to travel to Osakako?
Take JR from Osaka station to Bentencho and transfer to subway (240 yen) to Osakako. Upon arrival at Osakako, you will see the direction sign to lead you to the aquarium. If i remember correctly is on the left when exit the station and walking down the overhead bridge and you cross the road at the cross junction and you will see this big ferry wheel. Aquarium is just right at the side.

Tenpozan Market Place & Ferris wheel. Admission: 700 yen.


 We got the chance to touch the sharks and stingray, the texture of shark is rough while the stingray is so smooth and slimy.


Is time for lunch, and we head down to the Kuromon Ichiban Market at Nipponbashi station. A must visit in Osaka, it opens from 9 am to evening. It is actually 10 - 15 minutes walk from the shinsaibashi-dotonbori. Before we arrive, i was having some problem with my eyes, dont know why, it tears and having sharp pain in my left eyes. And we went into the pharmacy to buy some eye drops that can reduce redness and swelling. It ease a little but doesnt heal at all. But still we continue to Kuromon.

How to travel from osakako to kuromon market? From Osakako, take subway to sakasujihommachi and transfer to nipponbashi, fare will be 280 yen. Duration is about 15 minutes. On google map to walk to the market.

Kuromon Ichiban Market
Address: Japan, 〒542-0073 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nipponbashi, 2 Chome−4−1

At the entry you will see them selling Octopus ball, and many many food out there.


A must eat the grilled Scallop with butter is super good. We buy the 800 yen for one. Is pretty expensive though but must try! Right beside the grilled scallop stall there is this stall selling slice tuna. In Japan, you hardly find salmon, they usually serve tuna. So we bought one set of tuna sashimi and it tastes good. Unlike those we have in singapore. The kobe beef is another extreme expensive food we order the set of 3 type beef for 5,000 yen to share, the portion is really small. The onden is so warming for the cold weather. Who say pink strawberry is sweet? Is not true for us. We bought those one bulk pink strawberries they are tasteless, so we thought mayb 800 yen for one will taste sweeter? And we did a brave try, sister and me was in disappointment and we conclude that we should not be deceive by the color! Red strawberries are more reliable. We even try sea urchin and puffer fish sashimi. My suggestion to forget about puffer fish sashimi, they call it blowfish, supper rubbery and tasteless. Safe your bucks on this if you thought of giving it a try. Spend on scallop are more worthwhile!

After our lunch, we head down to the dentist where the Wataru Kono reply my email in the morning to fix my mum appointment at 4.10pm, and we travel down to the clinic, and the dentist got my mum problem solved. Charges were not very expensive as we thought is about 30 plus bucks sgd.

We head down to shinsabashi for some shopping. Before we exit the station, we shop in the pharmacy. We gotten lots of stuff and even got tax refund. 

Shinsaibashi is well covered arcade shopping area, the the end of the junction, we come across pablo, so we took away one of the small tarts to try when back hotel. It cracks after walking half day outside, recommend to eat while it is hot!


We than walk down to dotonri just across the street, when you see this big glico man sign means you are at dotonri!We bought alot of sourvenirs of cookies snacks and tibits which are so nicely pack. Try the Octopus ball, there are 2 stall side by side random pick one they always have Q, they are nice.

As we Q for dinner after shopping, we Q for Mizuno for Onokomiyaki.
Address: 1 Chrome-4-15 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

The service is quite bad, the staff have some attitude problem probably the one serving us, but they will be cooking for you. If knowing the staff will have such bad attitude, i would have rather try the curry rice at Jiyu-ken because i never expect service in Japan can be this bad. 

3-1-34 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
2 mins walk from namba station exit 11
Opening hrs: 11.20 to 21.20, Closed on Monday

While we Q, i went to buy this Torikara stick, they are good but it get cold quickly. 
Address: 1 Chome 5-12 Namba Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi


We went into Big Camera and i saw the Seiko Watch Lukia SSVS007 the pink, i wanted. So hub bought it for me as birthday gift as we find the red one are more attractive. Reason it is a latch leather watch is more convenient.

We head back to Osaka station where there is Daimaru in Umeda a must try probably the Rikuro Ojisan chesse cake at west level b1. We didnt try, but every night we buy some cakes and dessert back hotel as supper. By then is my eye having problem! Late night again no Doctor. So i have to bare the pain with swollen eyes, where my eyes keep tears.

Day 4 Osaka to Tokyo 12 March 2016

When i woke up, i couldnt open my eyes as the eye oil has stick my eye lid together. The sharp pain i had i wake hub up and we went around to look for doctors. We headed to raffles which is at the back of our hotel, but after they seeing my eyes, they recommend me to the Umeda station where there is eye specialist clinic.

So i visit and waited for some eye check. Some chicken and duck talk, it seems like my eyes has some injury as the photo they show me seems like there is a wound. They asked me if something went in and i rub hard. And i couldnt remember if it was because i am wearing contact lens the day before. They given me eye drops as antibiotic. So suppose plan to Nara has to abandon.  

As we need to take the train at 1pm to Tokyo which will takes us 4 hours of ride. Amazingly, the eye drop given after 1st time drop i can feel better, and subsequent i can feel no pain in eyes and less swollen. 

In Osaka station, we went to reserved seats for the shinkansen to tokyo, at the station, we bought lunch to ate on train. Super nicely pack and tasty. I thought for very long as the choice was way too huge and i finally give in to beef bowl. It is super super nice!

Accommodation in Tokyo

We suppose staying at Keio plaza hotel, but as my dad was not well previously he decided not to travel with us in this trip so i change the hotel to Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. 

Accommodation: Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
Address: 2 Chome-3-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
$436.77 per pax for 5 days 4 nights
Booking:Book via booking.com, sign up now to get 10% rebate on your booking back to your credit card. (only eligible if you sign up with my link.
Airport Transfer: Limousine bus available, check schedule Tickets can be bought at the hotel front desk counter. 3100 yen (adult), 1550 yen (child). The ride estimate will be 95 - 130 mins.
Keio line is just right beside the hotel, but walking in the passage can be quite a distance. However, Shinjuku is just 5-7 mins walk. You will arrive at the lumine and Shinjuku train station.

It was time for dinner so we quickly head down to Ichiran to have ramen. There are pretty long Q at 5pm, we waited for like 20 mins to get seated.

Ichiran Tokyo
Peace Building B1F 3-34-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to 160-0022
24 Hours

By then my eyes are slightly better and we shopped in Shinjuku for the night and big some cakes for supper.

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  1. Dear Shu Xian,

    I am planning on a trip to Japan next year March 2019 as my graduation trip.
    Can you please send me your itinerary for reference.

    Deeply appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Congratz on your graduation in advanced! I had email you the itinerary and maps. Hope they are helpful for your planning

  2. Hi ShuXian,

    I enjoy reading your blog, each trip has been plan in very detail with a simple direction. We are Planning to visit Japan this October (Tokyo, Kyoto and if possible Osaka). Possible to share your itinerary and maps. Thanks!

  3. Dear Shuxian,

    I plan to travel to Osaka in end Sept 2018, it would be helpful if you share your itinerary.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi Shuxian,

    I’m going to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) in Nov 2018 for 16 days. Would you mind sending me your itinerary for reference?

    Many thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Daphny,

      I had email you. Hope they are useful. Since you are going for long you can visit more places at a slower pace.

  5. Dear Shu Xian,

    Plan to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara or Kobe this year end. Mind to share your itinerary? Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Libra,

      I definitely dont mind sharing my itinerary. Hope they are useful to you. Do check you email, i had mailed to you.

  6. Hi Shu Xian,
    I’m planning a trip to Osaka and Tokyo in Dec. However I am confused about the railway and transport network. Can We use the JR pass for all raills? Can u pls advise me? Landing at Osaka and departing from Tokyo Haneda Airport? Can u email me your itinerary at keewoonng10@gmail.com? Thanks a lot.. I appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Not to worry much. I believe first timer is always confused by the diversify of the Japan railway.
      I always advise, if you are flying in to Osaka and departing from Tokyo, you may not consider buying JR Pass.
      JR pass is expensive for 1 pax, at what circumstances that it is worth the value, if you are traveling to and fro between Tokyo and Osaka.

      For your case, you only need one trip. Yes, if you are traveling to nara, kyoto as well during your trip, base on calculation it may not be so worth while.

      1. The cost for Narita airport to Osaka will be 17,000 yen which translate to almost $200 Sgd and return from osaka to tokyo is about 15,000 yen is about $183 sgd.

      2. JR pass can only be used for JR lines. There are many other railway operator in Japan, thus, fastest route may nt be JR route. There are some route, you will need to take that is operated by other railway operator. Hence, JR pass does not mean that you will be use it for entire trip.

      I recommend you to check out hyperdia, they will give you the route details and the cost breakdown of the fare. Hope the information clears your doubts

  7. Hi Shu Xian,

    I plan to travel to Japan in first week of Dec (9 days)
    This is my first time visit to Japan. Can I get your itinerary and maps for reference.
    Tokyo -> Osaka -> Kyoto

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi Shuxian,

    I enjoyed reading your traveling blog. I will be travelling to Japan on Jun. Plan to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Nara. Can I have a sample itinerary and maps for reference?


  9. Dear Shuxian,

    Enjoyed reading your detailed post for your trip to Japan (: I am planning a trip to these places as well somewhere around September. Could you kindly share your itinerary with me? Thank you in advance (:

  10. May I have your itineary too? Planning to go end of the year with kids so need to gather more infor to have a smooth trip. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi jiayan,

      Do check your mail box I had email the itinerary and maps to u.
      Do keep urself n kids warm. It can be cold end of the year in japan

  11. Hi Shu Xian,

    Thanks for your post. I will be going to Osaka and Kyoto this mid may 2018 and it’s my first time there. It would be helpful if you can send me your itinerary and maps as I am confused over the travel system in Japan. I thinking of buying the amazing pass for Osaka as I feel i i travel to only 2 places and jr pass will be a bit expensive for me. Do you know which transport pass will be useful and good price for me to purchase in Osaka and Kyoto.

    1. Hi,
      I am sorry for the late reply. I had email you on my japan trip itinerary.
      If you are looking out for pass, I can recommend you to klook to check out the best suitable pass for your trip.
      U can signup shopback n klook from my referral link to earn some rebate.
      Shopback : https://www.shopback.sg/?raf=9uBrba
      Klook referral code :82G8H

  12. Hi ShuXian,

    I’m going to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) in Nov 2018 for 14days. Would you mind to send me your itinerary for reference?
    Thank you so much 😊😊😊

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    1. Hi jo,

      Thanks for your compliment. I had email you on itinerary and maps. Hope they are useful for your first trip to japan.

  14. Hi, I am planning to travel to Japan this June but there is so much planning I need to do. Would you mind to send me your suggested itinerary and map for reference? Thank you

    1. Hi Linh,

      I had email you the Japan trip itinerary and maps. Let me know if you have any doubts. Hope they are useful for your planning

  15. Hi Shu Xian, I like your blog with clear details like address, transport mode and simple instruction on how to get there. As I will be travelling to Osaka this Nov/Dec and planning to cover Kyoto and Nara. Can I have a sample itinerary, maps and train pass and hotel recommendation? Near Osaka Station or the Dotonbori area. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Eileen,

      I am appreciate your kind compliment for my blog. I had drop you the japan trip itinerary and maps in your email. Do check them out. Let me know if you need any of my help.
      For hotel recommendation, I think the one i stay was pretty good and cost effective. You can make use of shopback and booking.com to earn some rebate of your booking.https://www.booking.com/s/34_8/soh27334 and https://www.shopback.sg/?raf=9uBrba. If you have doubts let me know. Simply sign up shopback using my referral and then from shopback go to booking.com to book your hotel. Expedia also can check to compare the price.

  16. Hi Shu Xian, enjoy very much reading your post. I will be travelling to Japan this 28/Sept-7/Nov. Plan to cover Osaka, Kyoto, Nara. Do you think we have time for Tokyo? Can I have a sample itinerary, maps and train pass recommendation? Quite confuse on which pass we should get. Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Shuxian,

    That was a great read! I’m planning to go to Japan early April for some cherry blossom viewing at Kyoto,Osaka, and Tokyo. Could you email me your list of itinerary and map as well as any possible recommendations to replace some of the places you’ve visited? (My family is vegetarian ^^)

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Great that you enjoy reading my post. I had email you the itinerary and maps for your reference.
      You can check them out. I think my itinerary is pretty well cover for first timer to Japan.

  18. Hi Shu Xian,
    Possible to send me the train map and is it ok also for you to send me your itinerary?

  19. Hi, I’m thinking to go a trip with family during end Mar to early Apr for the cherry blossom.. can I get your itinerary for reference? If possible do give us some recommendations as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks ^_^

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thats was a good time to check out the cherry blossom. I had send you itinerary and map, hope they are useful to your trip!

      Catching cherry blossom is possible in late March to early April.

      In Tokyo there is this ueno park and Shinjuku Gyoen, you will get to see the cherry blossom.
      Late March to early April.
      In Osaka, Kema Sakuranomiya Park and Osaka Castle can have great view cherry blossom likely early april.

      Hope the information is useful. Have a great holiday and may you have a memorable cherry blossom holiday in japan with your family!
      Feel free to leave comments at my blog if you have more updates to share with my readers.

      1. Hi I will go to Japan this coming April 15, 2018 since i will avail JR Pass can I get also your Itinerary for reference. my plan for my 8 days in japan is to visit tokyo, kyoto, osaka and nara.

        1. Hi Mitch,

          Thanks for dropping by. I have email you my itinerary and maps for your reference. Hope they are useful for your planning.
          Let me know if you need any help.

          Happy CNY 2018

          1. Hi shuxian,

            We are planning to visit Japan next year. Possible to email me your itinerary please. Thank you.

          2. Hi fion,

            I had email you the Japan itinerary that you request. Hope it is useful:
            Just a side note, there are update on the new train that can bring u directly to mt Fuji

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