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6 Days 5 Nights In Taiwan Itinerary Part 5

Day 4找早餐

Address: 台北市大安區和平東路三段1巷6-3號
Operating Hours: 週一~週日 08:00-14:00 (after 11.30am is lunch menu)




My must eat the O T sandwhich with cheese. Just cover with condense milk.

We meet our parents at the 中正纪念堂 exit 2 where its like our chinatown or bugis selling all sort of dried food. Great variety and mum like to shop. After her shopping we head for lunch.

We made reservation for a omakase set japanese restuarant for lunch. We go for the lowest tier at NT1600. As i thought to try out something different. I was amaze by the number of dish they serve.

小將 割烹‧壽司
Address: 大安路一段52巷25號
Operating hours: 12pm-2.30pm (lunch), 6pm-10pm (Dinner), Closed on Monday
Nearest station: 忠孝復興 Station Exit 4號 at the back door of [SOGO忠孝館] 位於SOGO
Price: Lunch from NT1600,  Dinner from NT1800
Reservation is needed Tel No : 02-2775-5355


The table was set up nicely limited to the reservation for the day. Chef will check with you if there is anything you dont eat. For dad, he dont take sashimi, that makes the chef a little trouble but he try his best. He did tell us to let him know in advance the next time if got special request so he can serve better.

We were serve with a total of 16 dishes. My stomach was going to burst seriously. But i have to say, good experience to taste the different type of fish. The one next to us are 2 lady from HK they order the NT2500. They had the uni with 2 spoonful scoop and i was like WAH. Luxury. We really enjoy, and the wu yu zi changed our opinion it was really good. The chef was really kind and he thgt we were taiwanese.

After the heavy lunch we had, we get parents to back XMD themselves by taking the train back. While i go settle my errands nearby. Across the road is one of my fravourite shop i will patronize.

No.50-2, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da'an Dist.Taipei, Taiwan
Opposite SOGO

After getting kobayashi, we head down to one of my checklist. Da An Forest Park. If you are a tourist, Da An Park is nothing. But I am a Mayday Fan >.<. I wanted to check out this place where Mayday hosted their very first concert and back in 2017, they hosted again at this place for free. Just want to take some photos of these chairs.

Da'An Forest Park
Address: No. 1, Section 2, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Nearest Station: Daan Park

We head back to hotel to unload and decided to look out for shops to do up our nails for CNY. So just right below our hotel, on the left, there is nails shop. They are having CNY Promotions. So we made a booking with them on the next day while i decided to head up to Luan Jian aka anyhow cut salon. They had a very prominent shop located right in the middle of XMD.


I went for color touch up of the roots of my hair but frankly speaking, the service and price from them was extremely disappointed. Few years back i came to this shop where i am serve with milk tea the moment i sat down. I was offer with magazine and also tv was available to watch. The staff also help me to keep my bag at the cabinet at the side. Cut and wash was only 200NT that time.

So, i intend to simply just touch up my roots, they quoted me NT1200, and cut and wash NT200. I told her i dont need the cut. She say but we still need to wash your hair so NT200 is needed. I was extremely curious. So do they mean they dye my hair for NT1200 and they dont wash my hair. At that time i was rolling my eye ball. Alright fine, I will go with that since i expect the NT200 will get me abit of massage which i experience last time pretty shiok. She continue say need additional NT300 for scalp protection. And i feel like i just like a sheep, didnt want to argue and just agree with a total of NT1700, almost $77. I actually did touch up in my neigbourhood salon for just $40 before my wedding. Oh Gosh.. Felt i got chop. 

Service was really sucky, i hardly condem but seriously i dont recommend anyone of you to try them out. The hairdresser simply do my hair half way and went to serve someone else. Ok fine, when come to the NT200, oh gosh i really felt i gt shortchanged. The worst hair wash i ever had. Seriously i cant describe, it is just nails scrapping your scalp for 3 times at the top and 3 times at the btm. And she rinse. 

Well manage to get my hair dyed properly and i didnt wish to comment much about it. 

We walk down to Carrefour to get some cup noodles and snacks that mums want. After all the unloading, we head down for dinner at Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice.

Address: No. 12-1, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Operating Hours: 8.30am - 12.45am Daily
Nearest station: C.K.S. Memorial Exit 2, just 1 minute walk, simply walk straight out of the exit


This is a Must Try, Must eat, if you like braised pork. I am not a fan of rice, but this is very good. Very flavorful and shiok. The braise egg is good too, order their soup super tasty. A very warming and cheap dinner for us. Since we had an expensive lunch early today.

We took a cab to the nearby chinese new year street where it seems like the chinatown of singapore where stall set up at the both sides along the streets selling cookies, sweets and all sort of cny goodies. They are repeative stalls. It seems hardly to get cab in Taipei at night. Sadly Taipei doesnt have grab.

We head back to Hotel by cab.

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