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6 Days 5 Nights In Taiwan Itinerary Part 4

Day 03 - 08 Feb 2018

We had hotel breakfast on the last day and they serve pretty good food though.

It was time to check out and leave Kaohsiung. We checkout and the hotel booked an large taxi for us to the train station. We alighted and head over to took the train which we had reserved seats on our first day. Well to be frank, Gao Xiong has nothing much. But i cant forget the taste of the Angel Crispy Chicken! It is amazingly good. If i were to be back to GX, definitely is the chicken cutlet. Mums like to buy at the Cijin. The Fruit stall was good too.

There is stall selling food at the train station you can get them to eat on train ride to Taipei.

Well the ride to Taipei Main station is only an hour odd plus. The moment we reached taipei main station we got to transfer to the metro line and took one station to XiMen. Upon exiting, it was just so familiar feeling. Although shops changes pretty much.


We than check in to the westgate hotel, we were rather early as we arrived at 12 plus the rooms were not available. Thus, we left our belonging with them and head out to one of my favorite spot to have sashimi! We took a cab instead of going via bus.

Addiction Aquatic Development - 上引水產

You will get to pick fresh live seafood and the price is definitely cheaper than in Singapore. We took the sahimi platter that cost TWD1280 is extremely worth it. I even bought a box of uni at TWD770. Hub thgt we couldn't finish, and since I insist of getting and I miss it during our last trip. I can say is a must buy for the sashimi platter and uni. They are so good. one of my frav combi, scallop, ikura and uni.

After down the fish market you will see the traditional market and they look really good. We took a cab back to westgate and we are able to check in to our room. We let our dad rest and we decided to head to stayreal shop before that i decided to go to giftshop to get bag that i eye for. It is located at Eslite the departmental store. Tax refund when spend 3000TWD can get 5% tax refund.  Right beside the giftshop, is the envie de neuf booth where we were stopped by the sales talk. Try and try, and we spend on buying the products. It is cheaper here compare to selling in singapore isetan. I was recommended by sis and we bought some of the products. The exfoliator is quite good.

Suppose plan to drop by JJ coffee cafe but we were held up by the staff to try product till 6pm. We head back to hotel to pick dad up and cab down to Rouhe Night Market.

RaoHe Night Market (鐃河夜市)
Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
Nearest Station: Songshan Exit 5


One of the popular is the Hujiaobing, which they call pepper fried bun, the Q never stops and the filling of meat and spring onions is rich.

Right beside there is the squid is pretty good too that comes in different flavor.

Another must try is the dessert stall which is highly recommended.


The beancurd and greenbean soup is really good, i also bought the 車輪餅 with rich filling like custard and red bean.

One of my frav is the 生煎包 with the meat fillings i really fancy over. We try avocado drinks but wasnt good enuff. There were some stalls no longer there.

If you to shop for clothes, you can come to 五分埔 at 4.30pm to shop for wholesale clothes and shoes. It located just beside the Raohe night market.

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