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6 Days 5 Nights In Taiwan Itinerary Part 3

Day 02 - 07 Feb 2018

Hotel serves breakfast but I couldn’t wake up and I decided to try the famous soup dumplings. Just minute walk up on the left opposite road from the hotel, is where I settle down for breakfast. The soup dumpling was good but regarded buying the salted soya bean milk that comes in a bowl and it taste weird. The egg crepe is nice.

Nearest Station: City Council

After breakfast, we are going to Cijin Island where we will need to take ferry across. We took a cab from hotel to gushan ferry terminal to cijin. It cost 20 NT for one way and you can use their easy card or ipass card aka our ezlink card to tap. Those riding bikes will board the ferry to chartered themselves across too.A place with a street of seafood restaurant and further down with a row of stalls selling dried food. It was my mum’s shopping heaven. It looks similar to the Nishikei market in Kyoto. The stalls along sells similar stuff. But they are really cheaper than you get in Singapore bugis. Bought dried scallops, some pork floss, crispy fish bones for snacking, dried cuttlefish, dried seaweed and cherry dried shrimps.


Mrt O1- 西子灣站, Exit 1

As we walk back we decided to settle our lunch at one of the restaurant. We picked the seafood that we want and had them to cook and serve us.


After settle the lunch, we walk back to the ferry terminal and pass by this stall that was closed.


We than took the ferry back walk down straight to the fruit shave ice stall for desserts.

We took a cab to one of the Chinese new year street about 10 mins walk from our hotel. And we decided to walk back to hotel from there as taxi was pretty difficult to flag. We came across the river that’s links to the Aihe, one of the popular tourist sightseeing visits.

We rest and get our clothes washed and dry in hotel before dinner time. Sis , hub and myself decided to head down to shinjukan again and I bought one angel chicken chop for eating. Is really good.

Dinner we settle at liuhe night market, just about 5 mins walk down, simply turn left and walk straight up.

There wasn’t any amazing stall to try upon, but the stall at the front selling alishan tea is pretty worthwhile for buying back as gift. It cost 250NT for one bottle of alishan tea leaves. We tasted and it is pretty nice. The packaging was pretty too.

Supper Time

Since we didn't had much at the LiuHe Night Market, we actually made reservation at one of the BBQ Restaurant. 



Oh they tasted good, it cost us about a 3100NT in total. The staff was pretty chatty and we realize Taiwanese detest their government a lot.


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