6 Days 5 Nights In Taiwan Itinerary Part 2

3 Days 2 Nights in Kao Hsuing

Our scoot flight at 5.55am, we manage to get hitch to airport with the discount I only pay $10.50 sgd. The Q was pretty long and we had our breakfast at the airport before departing. The flight wasn’t full and was pretty spacious. Flight duration is about 4.5 hrs. Finally arrive Taiwan, a very familiar country which I use to visit in a yearly basis after graduate from poly but break the trend in year 2016 and 2017. And I am back in 2018 just before Chinese new year.


Is pretty chilling in Taiwan in Feb, it was at 11 degree upon our arrival. The Taoyuan international airport has furnish and renovated to pretty good shape. After clearing the immigration, collected our baggage and we head out. You can get sim card on your left upon exit all the way to the end. Is the Taiwan Da Ge Da. For TWD 500 you able to get 7 days unlimited data. You can order in advance online via klook through shopback and collect over there. By doing so, you can earn credit and rebate from klook and shopback.


We walk to the left toward taking the airport express to take TSHR, as our first part of the trip we are going to Gaoxiong aka KaoHsuing. We had our TSHR pass for 3 days booked via klook through shopback again and we collect our tickets from the counter by telling the staff we going to Zuoying. This pass work similar like the JR pass. We just need to flash upon entering and existing. And before entering, we will need to go to counter to make reservation seats. Otherwise, we will need to go to free seating cabin. It was pretty rush for us and we missed the train that we reserved initially and we waited for another 20 mins to board. We Q early and lucky we manage to get seats as we split ourselves up. It seems like the last cabin has higher seats available.

Taking high speed rail you must not miss the chance of eating the lunchbox. They are selling at 100 TWD each. Located at the station near exit 2 right beside where you tap card. We bought the pork and chicken to try. Pork taste better. On the train they also do sell snacks and drinks but not necessary all train sell lunchboxes. Hence, is better to buy your lunchboxes beforehand.

After 2 hours ride, we arrived at the Zuoying station. We head to the counter to book our return train from zuoying to Taipei main station to ensure we reserve a seat.

From Zuoying we got to walk towards the train station to take the metro to our hotel. From R16 we transit at R10 and take to R05. Duration is about 30 mins.


Day 1 6 Feb 2018

We are very pleased with Greet Inn hotel and the location was really good. After settle down, we had some snacks at the snacks area and we head out for some shopping.

First stop, StayReal shop, gotten my red packets and we walk around the Shinjujian street.

Nearest Station: 中央公園站 R9 exit 2
Opening Hours: 14:00 to 22:30

Came across this fried chicken through tasting and it was amazingly good! We u turn to buy howver the Q was pretty long. We went to the nearby stationary shop and it was almost 6pm. We decided to cab back. Unfortunately, there isn’t Grab in Taiwan. They have uber. We took cab back to hotel and pick up my dad.

Hotel are able to call cab for us with no charges, there was a pretty good service. Our dinner settle at the 瑞豐夜市


Address: 高雄市左營區的裕誠路和南屏路段
Nearest station: 巨蛋站 R14 exit 1, 5 mins walk
Opening hours: Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat 6.30pm to 1am

The beef steak with spaghetti is really nice and the angel fried chicken is a MUST Eat. The meat is so tender and juicy. Although it is fried chicken you don't get to taste the oil at all. I order the medium spicy it taste just nice. I reckon the best fried chicken. Despite it is chicken breast, it is yet tender and juicy which make it so unbelievable. If you are eating Singapore Shilin, is kind of wasting of calories eating tough breast meat coated with thick flour. The Angel fried chicken is just amazingly good that cost 75 TWD.

The crowd came in at about 7pm. We simply just eat and walk eat and walk. Couldn't find the stall I was looking for circular pie as it get really crowded so we decided to leave and cab back to hotel. 

At late night about 11.50pm, while watching drama on ipad on bed with hub, the bed suddenly had mild shaking, and I kept quiet, for a instance I thought it was ghost shaking the bed and I tell myself not to have wild thinking but the bed still contud shake. Just than, hub call out earthquake. I turn to him and ask u also feel bed shaking? He pointed the toilet and the wardrobe. The toilet door was shaking, our clothes and hangers are shaking too. I was oh earthquake. I really think too much. I stood up and take a look down the window, it looks peaceful. So we still settle down and gets into bed. Till morning, messages and facebook flooding in, Hualien had a bad earthquake. And becoz GX was pretty far, the shake was mild. Taipei experience a stronger shake. It was a very bad earthquake this time for Hualien.


  1. Hi, really enjoy reading your blog,.. esp the pics of the food and the exact location of places.. usually when we do free n easy, these details are important! Can I request for your Taiwan itinerary? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the compliments I am glad that my blog are informative for my readers. I had email you my itinerary for your reference do check it out. Happy new year 2019

  2. Hi, could I request for your itinerary for reference?
    Do you have any other command hotel/hostel at kaosiong? As our flight will arrived at Kao Siong.

    Thank you very much.

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