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5 Days 4 Nights In Hong Kong Itinerary Part 2

Day 2 in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you must find a day to start your breakfast with dim sum, they call it yum cha, many elderly loves to sit inside the restaurant and order 1-2 item and drinking tea for the whole morning while reading newspaper. Thats the culture for the elderly in Hong Kong.

Another common visit for dim sum in Hong Kong will be 好彩 located near City view.

Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Nathan Rd, 530-538號Point Mall
If you wish to see the Dim Sum photos, check out my instagram :sushuxian88

After breakfast we are off to Tai - O aka 大噢

How to go to Tai-O.

There was a few method and we try both, and to be honest, people like me and my sister who cannot take long bus ride are recommended for the latter option.

Option 1: We took train to Tung Chung, this is the station where you can find the city gate where shopping outlets are. It is alos the station you should go if you wish to take cable car to head to Ngong Ping.

After arrive Tung Chung station, we head out to the bus terminal which is opposite and a fair bit distance, turn to you left once you see the sheltered round terminal. walk all the way, you will see signage and cross the road as u follow the foot path you will reach the other bus terminal. Bus no 11, the whole ride will bring you to Tai-O but a journey of about 45 mins? I was car sick and forcing myself to nap the journey. I will never take this route again i swear. And after alighting, both my sis and I were almost half dead and we decided returning shall take by cable car.


We tour a while in Tai O and whats famous are the dried seafood and my frav prawn paste. We walk a few street and most of the stall are similar. We stop by at one of this restaurant  for lunch and i simply love it! We ordered prawn paste steam minced meat, prawn paste steam pork slice and prawn paste fried rice. I am a big fan of prawn paste, expect salty taste if you haven taste prawn paste before. It seems like the pork in Hong Kong was special breed. I have no idea why the pork meat is so tender and tasty.

Fook Moon Lam Restaurant
Address: 大澳街市街29號, 29 Market St, Tai O
Opening hours: 5.00am - 9.00pm daily


After lunch we decided to head back, we realize there was a specific timing for bus on saturday and we actually missed it and the next slot was an hour later. As we intend to take a bus about 10 mins ride to ngong ping and take cable down to tung chung. While we wait, we finally saw taxi and we hire the cab to drive us to ngong ping. Not expensive since we share 5 pax. Something to note, in hongkong there are 2 types of taxi, one for 4 pax while the other for 5 pax. So you have to match the right taxi if you have 5 pax with you.

Ngong Ping 360 is one of the tourist attraction if it is your first time visiting Hong Kong. You will get to see the big buddha and the scenery was tranquil. That is where you get to try out the Cable Car in Hong Kong. We bought one way which actually cost more,  if you get roundtrip is more worthwhile. The cable car down takes about 20 mins plus and you  can enjoy the greenary and watching the hong kong landscape.

Back to tung chung, we shop around at citygate. There is a very huge supermart located at the basement. After the shopping we head back hotel to unload and decided to help friend to get a baby pillow brand call sinomax. I end up bought one butt cushion for my office chair.

美都餐室 Mido Cafe
63 Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Daily (except Wed): 9am – 9.45pm
Nearest Station: Yau Ma Tei exit C

A very old style 茶餐厅, but they do serve pretty good food, the toast was good the tomato spare rib baked rice was one of the highlight. As usual the pork in hong kong just so tender. In hong kong, milk tea, lemon tea and honey lemon are the common drinks you should try.


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