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5 Days 4 Nights In Hong Kong Itinerary Part 1

Things to buy before the trip

Air tickets : SGD $ 227.60 (Singapore Airline)
Insurance: SGD $17.50 (Hyfe assurance via changi recommend, promo code : VIP65 valid till 30 Dec 18)
Sim Card & airport express : Klook

I used to take bus from aiport to hotel, but now there is a more convenient way. For $20, you can get the roundtrip from hongkong aiport to kowloon station. From kowloon station, there are several free bus that chartered to a number of Hotel. So before you decide your hotel you can check out. Simply just scan the QR code at the train platform before boarding.

As usual, i always stay at Cityview whenever i visit Hong Kong. The ride from airport express ride is about 30 mins. The bus from Kowloon to hotel takes about 10 mins. Pretty fast.

Accomodation in Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights

Accommodation: City View
Room Type 1: Economy Double Room  (3168 HKD for 4 nights)
Room Type 2: Family Room for 4 adults (1185 HKD for 4 nights)
Cost: Total 1724 HKD for 4 nights for 2 rooms, 5 pax
Address: 23 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Power Plug: 3 Pin Plug
Currency rate: 5.8 HKD : 1 SGD
Booking: Book via booking.com, sign up now to get 10% rebate on your booking back to your credit card. (only eligible if you sign up with my link.
Nearest Station: Yau Ma Tei exit A2

Day 1 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for shopping and eating. And yes, they definitely have famous delicacy that you must visit when you are in Hong Kong.

We took SQ flight at 7.30am and landed 11.30am in Hong Kong, and i realize that Singapore passport clearing the immigration, they do not stamp on our passport instead given us a sticker. So do keep safe of the sticker since there isnt any chop.

Upon leaving the immigration after collecting our luggage, we head straight to the klook counter (Arrival Hall, T1, Counter A13) right at the center just behind where they sell octopus card aka ezlink card, we collect the sim card that we preorder for parents. In fact there are telco shop selling sim cards at the airport, there is a 1010 shop (CSL) selling 5 days sim card. But klook has been rebate and so we go for klook. Hassle free!

As we visited HK several times, we always kept the octopus card which we call ezlink card so we dont have to buy. But if you dont have one, you can purchase it at the airport express customer service centre. It is located just at the center before you want to take train/bus. It will cost you HKD150 with HKD 50 as deposit. Just some tips, use the big notes when buying so you can get smaller notes. Do note that in Hong Kong, shops outside may not accept big notes such as HKD 1000, as there are concern of counterfeit notes. Stores like 7-11, K-circles, and big malls accepts.

We make our move straight out and board on the airport express to kowloon and head to take the bus just right at kowloon station you just have to follow the crowd or signboard, abt 3 mins walk in the station to reach bus terminal in the kowloon station.

The bus dropped off us directly outside of our hotel, as the room are still not available for us to check in, we decided to head to our favorite porridge shop just opposite at the back of the hotel.

Address: 9 Tung Fong St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Mon – Sat) Closed Sun


I ordered a mix porridge of Pig heart, pork meat ball. The only place i get to eat Pig heart, alright not many able to take pig heart. But the most popular one is the fish belly (yu-nan), it comes with big bones but easier to eat. I love their pork liver too. Fancy their beef slices too. A side note, if you want to try fish, go for yu nan instead of fish slice. Becoz the fish slice has too many small bones, you will get too tired of eating. Other than the fish slice, i think everything is extremely good. But i only have 1 stomach, with the generous serving i was just extremely full. It doesnt come cheap, around $10 per bowl depending you order 1 type or mix 2 or mix 3.

After lunch, head back to check in and i went to Lamhang exi C3 , to visit Stayreal shop. Mongkok station C1 exit escalator available! You need to note in Hong Kong, what you get most of the time if you travel via MTR will be flights of stairs be it ups or downs. so be prepared! We check out addias, muji, and laura mercier there. A quick shopping over there and we head back hotel to rest.

I wasnt feeling well when return to room, flu and headache so took some medicine and have a nap. woke up at 7pm and is time to get dinner! So we went to tabao very traditional food. Thats “俥仔面” "牛什". Dont assume it is all beef,  they are not. Located at the temple street, this is a populare store, And was really delicious. And i like all the variety.


18 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei
Along the same street there is claypot rice which is  pretty popular and osyter omelette, we bought back for parents. As we walk back to hotel, we spotted the Yishun Milk so we went to take away my frav milk pudding. To be honest, I think Yishun milk pudding was over rated. Disappointed and not up the mark to sell. Perhaps i am too harsh, ya but i really like milk pudding. It wasnt cheap either.

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