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4 Days 3 Nights In Switzerland Itinerary – Part 3

Day 6 24 Nov 2016

We are heading to the top of europe aka Jungfraujoch. It is the most expensive journey, and we since we bought half fare pass and it still cost us 100.20 chf per pax up to jungfrau from interlaken.  Check swiss train tickets rates.

We took train from to interlaken and transfer towards Grindelwald and up to jungfrau.

After the transfer up to Jungfrau, they have some stops available for 5 mins to take quick snapshots at the viewing deck.

At the jungfrau we walk out to the viewing deck, snowing and fogging. The day before experience snowstorm where the train will terminate hence, is good to check before buying the tickets up to the top of europe. The wind is extremely stong at the other viewing deck.



Follow the path, walk to the ice palace is just beside and no extra spending required. Further out we bought a lobster bisque to try which cost 12.5 CHF for a small bowl and lobster flavor is strong.

On our way down as we transit the train, there is nice scenery to snap. A very calm and relaxing feel during my trip in Switzerland.


We head back apartment to cook dinner and start packing and will be taking train from interlaken to paris.

Spend a total of 150 chf cash on food and bus during the 4 days 3 nights in Switzerland and bought magnet as souvenir.

When leaving Switzerland to Paris at the train station, we bought some chocolate back for souvenirs gifts, laderache. They are really nice, especially the one on the bottom right, brownies selling 100g for 6.90 CHF.img_3465


  1. Hi,

    Im planning to go London -> Paris then to Swiss for my honeymoon.

    Could you share with me your itinerary?


    We are going this coming December but afraid that the scenary may not be as nice due to winter. Can I ask for your opinion?


    1. Hi Carson,

      Thanks for the compliment, I had share with you my europe itinerary trip with you, hope it is useful.

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