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4 Days 3 Nights In Switzerland Itinerary – Part 1

Iceland to Frankfurt

We booked our Icelandair Flight from Iceland to Frankfurt : $205 sgd per pax

We took shuttle bus from the terminal 1 to the train station, and bought the train tickets to frankfurt hbf and from there we walk to the skyline plaza after we landed in frankfurt.


There is a Rewe supermart at basement very affordable. Recommend to buy Gitto and Hanuta chocolate that cost 2plus Euro only. Try German Pork Knuckle however, although is a pity that i didn't get to try it.
The supermart in Frankfurt is the cheapest supermart we visit during our whole of trip.


About Switzerland - Interlaken West


From Frankfurt to Interlaken, took to Basel – Liestal – Olten -Neubaustrecke – Bern – Thun – Spiez – Interlaken West – Interlaken Ost.

We alight at Interlaken West and it took us 5 hours to arrive. Switzerland, one of the most expensive country. The transportation of train is very expensive too. Despite the high cost of living, Switzerland has its peaceful quiet environment while the roads, lake are very clean. Watches are popular buy in switzerland and coming to switzerland, a must to visit the top of europe. Switzerland will definitely give you the experience of slower life that you dont get in other city. For us, we stayed in interlaken and travel via train to bern and thun in the day time.


Accommodation in Switzerland - Interlaken



Accommodation: City Chalet
Cost: SGD 121.50 per pax for 3 nights
Address: Marktgasse 66, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Nearest Station: Interlaken West ( 5 mins walk from station)
Exchange rate currency : 1 CHF : 1.432 SGD

Day 4 22 Nov 2016

By the time we arrive at our apartment it is almost 9pm, and the owner left us direction notes to direct us to our units. The place are spacious and it comes with washer and dryer, which allows us to wash and dry our winter wear. As it was late by the time we arrive, we quickly cooked some porridge and ingredients we bought from the Rewe supermarket in frankfurt before turning in. 

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