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3 Days 2 Nights In Ho Chi Minh City Itinerary – Part 2

Day 1 14 April 2017

We walk in to the nearby cambodia/thailand restaurant after check in to our apartment. The portion of the food is little and the price was not very cheap. Nothing spectating. 🙁

We head to ben thah night market after tailor made clothes for the guys. Travelling in HCMC is easy and cheap with uber. Price range 20k to 60k for one car that can fit 4 to 5 pax. The price of uber is absolutely not significant. Before you travel, do notify the bank that you traveling if you are like us paying the uber via credit card. Bank will suspect as fraud if they are not aware of your travel.

Ben Thah street market sells alot of pirated branded bags, north face bags and jackets cost around $40 sgd. 

Bought the cold coconut for 30k dong and bought slipper for only 100k dong. In Ben thah, still need to ask for cheaper even though the price feels cheap enough.

We uber to the Lotteria to take away fried chicken for supper. Order a total of 15 pieces of chicken for 480k dong.


Day 2 15 April 2017

We had our breakfast at Lusine, the vietnamese milk coffee for 55k is very good and also the fudge brownie with ice cream is satisfying, with estimation of 250k dong spending per pax.

We walk down to ben thah market to shop around, it feels like the olden days tiong bahru market. There are money changer there selling at a better rate 16,220. Around the area, we head to do manicure and pedicure and some went to do hair spa. 

As we book different time slot for massage spa we split ourselves up. Before our appointment at cat moc, we had our lunch at five osyter one of the vietnamese kitchen. The osyter are selling at 10k each thats like 60 cents sgd. Total spending of 690k dong for five of our lunch. The coconut is super great. Big and only cost 25k dong.

We head down to Russian market for some shopping. It is fully aircon. Nothing much inside, but can find some bags and dry fit tee. Addias top selling 170k while some nike golf polo dry fit selling at 150k dong.

We head down to cat moc for massage, i took 60 mins foot massage plus 40 mins of shampoo and blowing in japanese style. The price is cheap, and no additional tips required to be paid. The price shown on the menu is fixed price. I was given a bed to lie on for foot massage and simply knock off. Feels extremely refresh after my package for 390k dong, that cost less than $24 sgd. 

We uber down to Lotte Mart which is quite a distance away for some shopping. I saw one of my favourite fruit, apple custard. But didnt manage to buy back since we didnt bought any check in baggage. 🙁 We manage to buy koi at lotte mart, small one at 40k.

We than uber down to a korean BBQ stall Meat & Meet nearby the district 1 where nearby the tailor made area. Best meal i have in HCMC! everything satisfied especially the steak taretare where not many dare to eat but the price is cheap. New stall opening, they offer 500g pork belly for just 119k dong. We share the food among the 5 of us, and it only cost 246k per pax for the amount of food we ordered with 2 rice. Thats like $14 sgd. In singapore just the steak taretare, it cost me $30 in aunti kim. Thumbs up for the dinner.

Day 3 16 April 2017

We had an earlier flight at 9am, we depart our apartment at 5.30am. Booked the uber that cost 150k per car to airport. Since it was early the journey took about 25mins for us to arrive. But the custom and checking of clearance is long Q, it took us 1.5 hours to clear the custom. 

HCMC traffic is pretty bad, crossing of street has to be daring enough. Overall, expenditure in HCMC rather low especially uber. Spa and relaxation is a must to touch up from head to toe. 


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