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3 Days 2 Nights In Genting

30 March 2018 - 3 Days 2 Nights In Genting

Accommodation: Theme Park Hotel
Room Type: Sixers
Cost: 830 MYR , estimate 276.6 SGD for 2 nights
Address: Genting Highlands, Pahang, 69000 Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Power plug: 3 Pin Plug
Currency: 1 SGD : 3 MYR
Booking:Book via, sign up now to get 10% rebate on your booking back to your credit card. (only eligible if you sign up with my link.


Initially we had booked our trip to genting via coach with Konsortium for a total cost of $720 sgd for 6 pax 2 way trip. Unfortunately, the Konsortium had closed down before our trip. At the point of time was really screwed. First time encounter such disruptions. Worst, we did not buy any travel insurance for the trip beforehand. As we are complacent and assume what can happen since we are not taking flight. But things happen only when you are unprepared.

It was a long weekend, as we are going during the good friday period. Most of the other tour groups are fully book. We came across private hire driver recommended in the forum thus we gave it a try. To be honest, i think engaging the private hire, if you are going in a family, will be a much better choice compare to coach because they pick you up from door step. Long Q was expected even we depart at 5.30am. We arrived our hotel at about 12pm. There are few stops for us for toilet and breakfast. The driver are very detailed and take good care of us when turning. My sis has motion sickness every time she takes coach up she will definitely throw out. But this time round nothing happen to her.

Private Driver contacts are as follows:
Name: Jack
Cost : $750sgd
Contact: +60 161835780
You can whatsapp to check on his availability,  highly recommended.

The theme park is still under construction during the time of our visit. We went for our lunch at the upper level where there is plenty of local delights available.  We than shop around the area while waiting for our room to be available at 3pm. Of coz, in Genting, the main purpose will be the Casino.

So we visited the Casino. After been to the largest gambling casino in Las Vegas, Genting casino is really nothing much. But mum loves to spend time pressing the button on the Jackpot, oh well they are just computer generated. Perhaps you just need some luck to win some pots of gold. I am not very keen but still donated some of my cash to past time.

There was a great variety of food and shopping available. We had our dinner at Burger & Lobster. Similarly we had in London, and we trying out on the standards. Generally was alright, but i notice the lobsters are slightly bigger than those in london. while we ordered the lobster roll, quite a disappointment. Miss the Lobster roll from luke's that is Las Vegas.

On our second day, we went to the Premium outlet by taking a cable car down.

There wasnt much at the premium outlet and i find the prices are more expensive compare to the outlet i went in US. so we came back empty handed, while parents are enjoying in casino. Meetup with them for lunch and we went to shop around. Genting had changed alot compare to my last visit to resort world in genting in 2014.

It happen to be Power Station concert held that night and we were able to hear from our rooms. I was waiting for the classic song "Dang" it came in as the last song. So reminiscing of my childhood song.

On the last day, we just had the Japanese octopus ball and the tokyo chesse churros. They are really nice. Thumbs up. There are just plenty of choice for dinning. Our driver came to pick us up at 1pm. It was definitely a long ride for us but safely back home. The Jam during holiday season was really terrible. So yup, unless you are willing to take the long ride, else, i wouldnt recommend for Genting. The Jam stuck our journey for more than 10 hours. We got back to our home at 11pm odds.

We paid driver after we arrived at our destination, of coz off peak season, probably the journey of one way takes about 6 hours odd. But, i will rather take flight to somewhere else. Lesson learn, the importance of insurance, and making a better choice of transportation to Genting.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve not been to Genting since 10 years ago and thought of going end of the year.
    The theme park hotel which you stayed, is this the previous old hotel andvhave they renovated?

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