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3 Days 2 Nights in Bali Itinerary – Part 2

Day 2 - 22 Sept 2017

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

 We had booked mt batur sunrise trekking for 700k rupiah per pax. Pick up at 1.15am and we woke up at 12 plus to prepare. I manage to grab an hour of nap. It was a long ride to the meeting point, before that the drive pick up another lady who will be joining us for the trek. She is from Belgium a pretty nice lady, a mother of 3. After almost 3 hours of ride, we arrived and it was cold, 13 degree. Do wear sufficient jacket.

They handed out bottle of water and torch light to us. Each group has a tour guide to bring us up. We set off at 3.30am and it was pitch dark. Pretty scary. The first 30 minutes’ walk was still fine, till the moment where we stop, the tiredness took over my body. Especially where climbing of rocky path starts. We start to pant, and tour guide encourage us and say come lets go short cut! We are like so elated, and move on, but it gets steeper and steeper. At the point of time, my mind was all about why am I here paying to make my life so difficult. As body get more tired as we climb, our pace slow down. Belgium lady went ahead to join other group. Jojo also proceed her way up bit by bit. As for the rest of us, tour guide holding and helping us up along the way. I feel bad for him to hold and pull me up those rock steps and held onto me as we climb along the way up most of the time. It can be really tired where he need to juggle the 3 weaklings.

Well, I requested to catch sunrise half way as I think I probably not able to reach the top. But tour guide has been very encouraging and reminding us Just do it along the way. Every time I request to stop at the location to catch the sunrise, he will encourage us to go a little higher at least to a place where it is easier to get down later on, and he says 5 more minutes. So we move on. Finally we reached to the so call place to catch the sun rise as we confirmed with him we do not wish to get up to the top. Our body are way too tired.



He has been very nice to us and helped us to take shots of the scenery. We were satisfied enough to be up there and really surprise that we had come up so far. Despite it is not the top but we are glad. If you ask me, if it worth climbing the mt batur, well, if you are trained, adventurous mt batur probably not much a issue. If you are like me who is aircon office gal, it can be real tiring, it is an achievement unlock to be up there but you got to embrace through the tiredness along the way. I fortunate enough to meet the tour guide to help me a lot up. Most of the time he held to my hand tightly and pulled me up. My savior, I felt. Notes: Carry light bag, as you climb you will start to sweat.


We start to come down at 6.30am, it was much easier and along the way, we manage to take more scenic view photos. They are really beautiful. It going to stay and mark a strong memories deep in my mind. We return back to meeting point at about 7.45am and left the place at 8.20am arrive back to villa at 10.30am. Breakfast was served to us at 11am as per of your request.

Shower up and is time for pool time, brought unicorn float and we start to snap and snap till 4pm and get ready to W hotel for woobar sun set dinner.







It was a sunset – sunrise – sunset trip in bali, we catch the sunset at W hotel and start ordering food! Softshell crab, steak fries are pretty good. I think I was getting tired and want to return back to our villa to rest after our dinner. It cost us 2mil plus almost 200 plus sgd for a meal. A rather more expensive, a coconut for 80k compare to a 25k at Jimbaran. We turn in at 11pm for a early night and woke up at 7am and prepare for breakfast.

Day 3 - 23 Sept 2017

It was a hearty breakfast and we had arranged transport from the villas to get us to seminyak square. Shop around and I only spend a total of 60k that’s about $6 sgd on a magnet and a mt batur postcard as souvenir. We than head back to villa to check out and sundari transport came to pick us up.

This time round I go for 1.5hrs Balinese massage and a 45 mins green tea scrub. Great, feels refreshed, skin smoothen greatly. Grab was hard to catch and it delay my schedule for 40 mins, and finally manage to get a grab and rush back to villa. We took away some food to eat in car but not sure if it is too rush for me I had no appetite.

I spotted this VAT refund before departing, bali slightly difference we got to go through security before we can go to the counter to get our tickets. I am surprise the immigration was fast and there is duty free shop too.

There are restaurant available in the airport after immigration. Hard Rock, some duck Chinese cuisine restaurant is available.

Our flight delays for an hour and I didn't had anything after the hearty breakfast. We gate number changed and we have to walk to another gate, after entering we still got to walk to where our plane parked. Oh, my goodness. Not much problem after that.

It was a pretty great trip to bali this time round and feels recharge back. The trekking was tough for me but I am glad I had a new memories in me. The Santai is a highly recommended place to stay if you are considering to get great service, great rooms with great pool. Photos speaks hw great the villa is. Very well furnished and with the welcoming and attentive service. Thumbs up.

Is time to claim for the baggage damage from insurance, hope it goes smoothly.

*update on the baggage damage claim. 

Medical claim were sent as jojo fell sick the next day we arrived so I just helped her to send the claim and was successful. As for the baggage, we do not have receipt of the purchase baggage, the insurance claim can only allow up to claim $50. I approach to the scoot airline however they replied that I should contact them within 7 days of my return thus they will not be able to process my request. Oh gosh, nobody told me that i should claim from airline and there is a timeframe. Well blame it i didnt read properly and lesson learn. So if you happen to encounter baggage claim, do remember to claim airline.

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