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17 Days 16 Nights in United States California Itinerary – 5 Days in San Francisco Part 2

5 days San Francisco Itinerary

Attractions of San Francisco:
The Golden Gate
Union Square
Coit Tower int he Telegraph hill
Lombard street
Alcratraz Island
Pier 39
Fisherman Whraf
Palace of fine art
Baker Beach
Ferry building market place
Japan Town
San Francisco Premium Outlet

Day 1 - 18 November 2017 Flight from Singapore to San Francisco



First visit to the new changi airport Terminal 4 ever it first open. It was really very well build i have to give a thumbs up to everyone who contributed to building T4. They have moving forward using the technology and everything goes automated and you can just self check in yourself. Even scanning of tickets to clear the custom and also clearing the gates. 

New security step up at clearance which is similar to what i experience in London. I feel we have upgraded and T4 is really very well constructed and the whole place just seem so atas! Luxury vibrant color use. The detail of the carpet was so precise.  Spacious and things are well arrange in orderly manner. 

The korean brand Sum37 who my friend ask me to get but was not available in T4 only in T1 and T3.

We transit at Hong Kong and we had a Yung Kee duck drumstick to share despite we are full from the flight meals. To be honest, Cathay flight meal is pretty good.

A total of 16 hours of flight and 1 hour plus of transit time. Time difference between Singapore and SF is 16 hours. SF is 16 hours behind Singapore time. We arrived at SF airport on 18 Nov morning 10am. despite our flight on 18 Nov 8am.

Day 1 - San Francisco Airport

Upon arrival do remember to filled up the immigration card and Q quietly. They don't allow you to use phone while in the Q even for messaging or surfing the net.

They will ask you a few questions such as where you are staying, how long you are staying, reason for visiting, if you bring any meat or food that is disallow and how much cash did you bring.


After clearing the immigration, we collect our luggage and head to take the AirTrain Blue line to the Rental Car Station stop. They will offer the toll package which we didn't take up. In the end, we only pay once toll for $6 during our entire trip. We didn't take up the GPS from them as we rely on our phone GPS.

We Q to collect our keys at thrifty located at the end, and the car park is at basement. And we drive off to CastleInn hotel which is less than an hour drive.

Notes: It is left hand drive in US and when driving in SF, at junction you will have to stop at the stop line to check despite there is no car or pedestrian. It will be a first come first serve basis if there are cars at the cross junction.

The road in SF is build on hills, the slope can be very steep. Thus, we didn't drive around we uber instead. parking in SF can be expensive too.

Brunch - Japan Town - Chinatown

Sweet Maple
Address: 2101 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA
Opening: 8am - 3pm

We took uber from our hotel to have brunch at sweet maple. They have signature is the millionaire's bacon.


We ordered 2 x millionaire bacon, egg Benedict and i choose to have the pancake. The serving was way too huge. We couldn't finished half of the plate. Just be mindful, to order for sharing and is not cheap because in US, you are required to pay tips. It varies between 18% - 20%.

We were just too full and we decided to walk to japan town to digest our food. The popular Matcha ice cream with taiyaki cone is a must try. I was too full to have anything. There isnt much to shop but nice to explore where you can see there is a lot of japanese restaurant.

We than uber again to Chinatown where we were drop off right infront of the Apple store. Tiffany building right beside and Macy's is opposite, but there isnt any discount for tiffany there. Is a shopping district and the popular tram can be seen.  



Walking to Chinatown to get checkout some magnets as souvenirs and the popular Golden Gate Fortune Cookies. You get to taste the cookie and is really good. I bought one box back.

Golden Gate Fortune Cookies
Address: 56 Ross Aly San Francisco, CA 94108
Opening Hours: 9am - 6.30pm weekdays and 7pm on weekends


We than walked down the ferry building market place to have our dinner at hog island oyster. There was a little Q there and quite crowded. There is a rows of restaurant. 

We ordered osyters, chowder, steamers and cod to share. The cod is really good. Osyters are fresh. Many came to have the crab.

Hog Island Oyster Co
One Ferry Building, #11, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA



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