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12 Days 11 Nights Korea Itinerary – Part 9

Day 10 - 19 Jan 2014

Brunch @ Itaewon Flying pan blue
Address: 123-7 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Station: Itawon Exit 2, 2 mins walk on right side

We waited for quite a while to dine in flying pan blue. It was pretty good standard brunch. I ordered smoked salmon with benedict eggs. Serving was rather big. After we are done we our brunch, we walk down to the nearby for some shopping. Bags shop selling at 10k won each. There are also street food along the way.


We return back Myeongdong for dinner and I try the nearest BBQ just right outside the guesthouse. Namsan guest are entitled to 10% discount. We order the seafood army stew and Korean beef for bbq and also try the beef tartare. First time trying Korean beef they are really delicious yet expensive. The raw beef taretare comes with a raw egg yolk above the beef and sliced Korean pear underlying the beef. It was my first time tasting and it is amazingly good! Super sweet and delicious.

After dinner we shop around in Myeongdong, we visit one foot massage parlour for foot massage. Before the foot massage we were given to sit around and had out feet placed into the pond of fishes where they start to feed on the dead skin of our sole. It was also the first time given a bed to lie down to do the foot massage, I doze off after a few minutes. The masseuse seem to be from china. After the foot massage is really relax, and we continue to shop around in Myeongdong. While I came out from banilo shop, it started snowing. It was my first time seeing the snow and there was crowd starts to get excited. It was the first snow on our visit.

Day 11 - 20 Jan 2014

When we wake up the next morning, the cars and road are all filled with snow and we decided to head to siloam for sauna after breakfast.

Siloam Suana Address: 49 Jungnim-ro, Jungnim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Opening hours: 24 hours Nearest Station: Seoul Exit 1 [Bath] Daytime - Adults: 8,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 6,000 won Nighttime -  Adults: 9,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 7,000 won [Bath + Jjimjil-bang (Sauna)] Daytime -  Adults: 10,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 9,000 won Nighttime -  Adults: 15,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 11,000 won * Daytime: 05:00-20:00 / Nighttime: 20:00-05:00 (the following day) * Free admission for infants under 12 months 

Suana need to be fully naked and we undress ourselves and with the mini towel we head to shower ourselves up and helped each other to scrub back before entering the pool. Some people visit such sauna for short nights as there are sleeping area available. It is well facilitated and different type of rooms of different functionality and temperature available. It is a must try to buy their eggs.

After washing up, it started to snow again and we walk to seoul station where the lotte Mart can be spot. We bought plenty of Maggie mee to be brought back to Singapore.

It was heavily snowing when we came out from the Lotte Mart. Thus, we took cab and unfortunately the taxi driver dropped me at Metro Hotel in myeongdong. With language barrier we walked back to our guesthouse in snow. The carton boxes are fully wet.

21 Jan 2014

On the very last day we head to Incheon airport to check in and before checking in, we did our tax refund.
Eligible for Tax refund of 10%, you need to spend more than 30,000 won in a single receipt from shop with tax refund logo and  upon payment of your product request for tax refund they will issue you the tax refund slip. Make sure you fill in the particulars in the form and Q at the tax Refund counter at the airport. There was a bit of Q and it took us about 30 mins to get our slip chop stamp of approval from the customs officers. You will need to scan your receipts using Tax Refund machines before heading tax refund counter located near Gate 28 Q and get you cash refund in won. Note, split the Global Blue Tax Free and Global Tax Free separately you may need to re-queue as they are different companies. Do allow sufficient time to Q during our time doesnt have Q though.

We took Airasia from korea back to singapore, we transit at KL. As we caming down from the plane, there was a huge crowd stuck at the custom area. We only have an less than 2 hours to transit and we are stuck in the human jam in KL airport. When the gate is upon to close, they start to page for us to come forward. We even get scolded for not coming forward earlier, but we are just so way behind that we cant squeeze through the crowd and we didnt even hear them calling our flight no. till they use loudspeaker to broadcast. We were given pirority to clear the custom and rush up to the plane. Hectic. When we landed at Changi Airport, we waited for more than 30 mins but didnt see out baggage out. So i approach the customer service and were told that our baggage did not board on the same flight. We left our address and they will send it to our house. so we left the airport without baggage. Our Baggage only arrive 30 mins past midnight at our unit. Thus, with the documents, i write in to the AIG insurance to request of the baggage refund as the baggage delay more than 6 hours. AIG service was pretty efficient. They process our claim accordingly and we recieved $200 each for the baggage delay. Thus, do remember to buy Travel Insurance whenever you travel.


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