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12 Days 11 Nights Korea Itinerary – Part 5

14 Jan 2014 to 16 Jan 2014 3 Days 2 Nights at Dragon Valley Hotel

We planned to stay 3 days 2 nights in Yongpyong the Dragon Valley Resort. Since it was winter time, it is a chance to try Ski. I actually book with the Winter Friend for the package to stay at dragon valley resort.

Dragon valley resort is the place where Winter Sonata drama had their shooting scene held. It was my second visit though.

Winter Friend Package includes:

  1. 2nights accommodation (Dragon valley hotel) : (Breakfast as coupon use.)
  2. 1.5days ski pass with gear rentals (ski, pole, clothing and gloves) – Only for 6pax.
  3. Transportation * (Seoul hotel pick up service + return trip of ski shuttle bus.)
  4. All taxes and service charges.




Meeting place

Itinerary & Time


14th Jan. 2014


Namsan Guest house 4

Namsan Guest house 4 (7:30am) > Ski shuttle bus stop


14th Jan. 2014

Ski Bus(G.D)

Jamsil Lotte Mart

Seoul(09:00am) > Yongpyong(11:30am)


16th Jan. 2014

Ski Bus(G.D)

Tower Condominium F1.

Yongpong(13:00pm) > Seoul(16:00pm)

Drop off – Shinchon subway station.

*Special Notice

>On 14th Jan. – Please be at Namsan Guest house 4 for pick-up service at 7:30am.

Please settle the balance payment when you meet our staff.

Our staff will take you to ski shuttle bus stop.


>On 16th Jan. – Please be at the bus counter at Tower condominium [F1] in front of [LOTTERIA] at least 10min. before your bus departure time. Your return ski bus to Seoul reserved under the name of [Shuxian Su], please show your bus ticket to Seoul which we give you on 14th Jan. from Seoul.

[Your ski bus departure time from Yongpyong resort is 13:00pm.]

If you want to take another bus, you should change the reservation time yourself at the bus counter. [*Bus departure – 13:00pm, 17:00pm]




Ski pass

Gear rentals

Clothing and gloves


(Lift + Gondola)

Ski (6pax)

Included. (6pax)

(for 1.5days)

Morning + Afternoon
(Lift + Gondola)

Ski (6pax)

Included. (6pax)

Package condition
1. 2nights accommodation (Dragon valley hotel.) : (breakfast : as coupon use.)
2. 1.5days ski pass with gear rentals (ski, pole, clothing, gloves) - only for 6pax.
3. Transportation * (Seoul hotel pick up service + return trip of ski shuttle bus.
4. All taxes and service charges

Package price / with Tower condominium.
Adult : 445,000won per person * 6
Adult : 305,000won (no skiing - sightseeing gondola ticket : 1time) : * 2 [ Free ski gloves. ]
Total for 8pax : 3,280,000won
*3.6% surcharge on credit card payment.

Total we paid 1,326,080 won by credit card and 2,000,000 won cash upon the pick up.

Day 5 - 14 Jan 2017

We were pickup by winterfriend and transfer to another bus towards the yongpyong hotel at the Jamsil Lotte Mart. We made the balance payment of 2 million Korean won in cash. The bus ride was about 2.5 hrs and we alighted. The very first step I lifted off from bus, I slipped and fall forward and flat to the ground. It was icy floor and it was pretty pain.

We head to check in and we are very satisfied with our rooms, with excitement, we were brought to the ski rental shop via the mini bus to pick on our ski gears. We also rent 2 snow ski sledge for ourselves to use. We were issued with the ski pass and we prepare ourself for skiing. It was our first experience and we didn’t engage any coach. So we just ski among ourselves. It can get very tiring. You wouldn’t feel cold in fact, we do sweat. It was a nice experience.


There are stalls at the side selling dumplings that taste good in the cold weather. We settled down for dinner at one of the restaurant and head for a stroll. There was poster of the Winter Sonata Drama setup and props available for photo taking.

Day 6 - 15 Jan 2017

We woke up early in the morning to take the gondola up to the dragon peak, we walk towards the dragon plaza where the gondola is. It is so amazingly beautiful in the morning. Great sunlight for photo taking. There are also snack stalls available. It was cold up the peak. But the scenery view is spectacular. A must to head up if you are there.

After the morning session, we went back for ski and decided to stop at 4pm. As friend planned his proposal to girlfriend during the trip, thus we went to the super market to drag the time while the rest quickly head back to design up the room. So we had a successful proposal!

We than had dinner at the cafeteria where we can use the voucher that was given to us in the ski package.


  1. Hi. Can you share your itinerary with me pl? 3 of us intend to visit Korea in Dec this yr on free n easy. Do you recommend arriving at and departing from Seoul or Incheon? or one each? Thank you so much for sharing n all the tips.

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