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12 Days 11 Nights Korea Itinerary – Part 1

Korea: Seoul- Jeju

Highlights of this Itinerary of Korea Trip:

  1. Jeju Island - Dragon Head Rock , Black Pork BBQ street, Halla Mountain,Jeju Mysterious Road, Teddy Bear Museum, Cheonjiyeon Falls, Kimnyong Maze Park
  2. Seoul: Dragon Valley Resort for Winter Ski, Dragon Peak, Nami Island, Namsan Tower, Isadong, Itaewon, Myeongdong, ODBO, Erhua women, hongik University, Haha BBQ restaurant, Hello Kitty Café, Lotte Mart, Siloma Spa

If you are planning and wish to request for my korea itinerary please let me know at the comment box below. I can email you my detailed itinerary and maps.

Flight & Accomodation

Air Tickets : $385.34 SGD ( $108 scoot to korea, return $277.34 via airasia )
Travel Insurance: AIG Insurance $39.32 SGD per pax
Accommodation: Namsan Guesthouse 4 Myeonydong, 35,000 won per pax ($41.47 SGD) per night
Address: Nearest Station: Myeongdong exit 6
Currency: 1SGD: 844won
Power Plug: 2 Round pin
Additional Transport Services:
 Incheon Airport : 65,000 Won for 4 persons per a time (1-3 persons are the same price)
 Kimpo Airport :35,000 Won for 4 persons per a time (1-3 persons are the same price)

Booking:Book via booking.com, sign up now to get 10% rebate on your booking back to your credit card. (only eligible if you sign up with my link.

JeJu domestic flight: Jeju Air $38100+$34100= $72,200 won ($87 SGD)
Accommodation: Yeha guesthouse 60,000 won per night ($36 SGD per pax per night)

We bought the jeju air flight online at jejuair website. You can always check if they have promo.


Day1 10 Jan 2014

We took the scoot flight at 1.35pm, transit 1 hour in Taipei and we had our quick dinner in Taiwan. Since we forgot to bring Taiwan dollars, we just swipe credit card. We board back scoot and arrived at Incheon airport about 10.35pm local time.

We had previously arranged airport transfer to pick us from airport to our namsan guesthouse. It was cold at 2 degree Celsius. There was 8 of us traveling together and we paid 16,250 won per pax and payment made to the guesthouse upon our arrival and the driver will than collect from the guesthouse owner.

The rooms are pretty small, one double bed not much walking space and one small toilet and that’s all. You can place your luggage but there isn’t much space to open our luggage in the room so we have to open our luggage along the corridor outside our room when packing. They provide free bread and cup noodles at the common area.

The first thing after we check in, we walk down to the nearest 7-11 just few metre down from our guesthouse to buy the Data Sim card for 30,000 won that's about $35.50 SGD 1 GB for 30 days and 10,000 won credit for voice. You need to activate it, just follow the instruction and submit a photo of passport for verification.

12 Days 11 Nights Korea Itinerary – Part 2



  1. Hi Shuxian,
    Can you email me your korea itinerary for me to plan for my family with kids
    as I am planning for this year end dec to go there… first time for the snow fun (“,
    sincerely thanks in advance

  2. Hi shuxian,
    Possible to email me your korea travel itinerary?
    as I am planning for my family with kids this year end
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Hope you can revisit if you are looking plan for ur travel destination if I have. I had email you my Korea itinerary. Hope it is useful.

  3. Hello Shuxian

    I enjoyed reading your Korea travel very much. Thank you for your effort and generosity.

    Please share your itinerary with me.

    Thanking you in advance

    God Bless

    1. Hi Emilyn,

      Thanks for the compliment. Hope you can visit my blog more often 🙂
      I had share with you my itinerary, and of coz do remb to keep yourself warm when you are in Korea during winter times.

  4. Hi Shuxian,

    Can i have your itinerary? My family is going during coming school holiday and it is the first time we are going there.


  5. Hi Shuxian, would you mind sharing with me your full itinerary, planning to bring my family to korea soon.


    1. Hi ChoonWee,

      I had share with you the itinerary and hope you have an enjoyable trip in Korea with your family.

  6. Hi Shuxian, may i ask you for the itinenary as i would be gg with my partner to korea this year. Thank you! Appreciate it.

  7. Hi shuxian, may i have ur itinery for reference. We are also going for about the same number of days as you. Thank you!

    1. Hi Benson,

      I had email you the itinerary and maps for your reference. Not forgetting a list of cafe that you can visit. Hope it is helpful in your planning.

  8. HI Shuxian ,
    May I have your itinerary for first timer to korea ? lols. nv been there so gonna go there soon probably around mid nov. any recommendations would be appreciated !

  9. Hi! Can I know how did you manage to book your flights from jeju air? I tried but doesn’t seem to work. Also, would you be able to email me your itinerary for referencing as well? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Livia,

      Thanks for the compliment. Hope the information I provided is useful. Or rather a one stop blog where u can get most information that you want.

      I had email you the itinerary. Hope it is useful

  10. Hi, can I have your itinerary as reference? I am planning to go in September. Our first visit to Seoul. Tks in advance!

  11. Hello Shuxian,
    Can you please share your itinerary to my email for reference?
    I’m heading there in October.

    Many Thanks

      1. Hi Eunice ,

        It can be pretty cold in dec, do keep yourself warm. I had mail you the Korea itinerary hope it is useful

  12. Hi Shu Xian, your trip is really well planned and I like reading your blog posts.
    I’m going Korea first time with my fiance for a honeymoon trip, can I have your itinerary for reference please?
    Thank you so much!! 🙂

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Thanks for the compliment. I am glad that you like reading my blog. I had email you the lore trip itinerary. Hope it is useful for your planning first visit to Korea!

  13. Hi Shuxian,

    I’m planning for a trip to Korea in December with my 2 girls and it will be our first time there! May I have your itinerary as a reference? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi serene,

      I had send you the request Korea itinerary trip for your reference. Hope you enjoy your Korea trip with your 2 gals.

  14. Hi, I am heading to Korea for 12 days as well in December, is it possible for me to have a copy of your itinerary as well?

    1. Hi linen,

      I had sent the itinerary for your reference. Do check your mailbox. Let me know if you need any help

  15. Hi Shuxian ,
    I am planning a trip to Korea this Dec too. Am planning solo with my 12 yrs old boy. Is it safe there to travel with kid or better join a tour ?

    Can you email me your itinerary ?

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I will recommend to travel free and easy. Not to worry, the metro is pretty convenient in Korea. I think you will truly enjoy shopping n eating in Korea when free and easy. I had joined tour be4 with Chan bro, well didn’t enjoyed that much.

  16. Hi, I am heading to Korea for 12 days as well in December, is it possible for me to have a copy of your itinerary as well?

    1. Hi Wendi,

      I had email you the itinerary n maps. Do check your mail box.
      Do keep yourself warm as it can be very cold in Korea during your trip.

  17. Hi Shuxian,

    I’m planning for a family trip to Korea in December and it will be our first time there! May I have your itinerary? Would love to use it as a reference. Thank you very much!

  18. Hi! Going to Korea in December with 3 other friends, could you please send me your itinerary? Thanks a lot!

  19. Dear Shuxian ,
    I am planning a trip to Korea this Dec too. Can I have a copy of itinerary as well? Do your itinerary include “winter fishing and ski-ing? any suggested place to go for this two activities?

    1. Hi,

      I had email you the Korea itinerary.
      I did try the winter fishing but I guess you can try to check out with winterfriend, I booked my skiing with them at dragon valley hotel

  20. Hi Shuxia
    I would like to have your itinerary as I plan to visit Korea this Dec.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi,

      I had email you the Korea trip initerary including of Jeju and the maps. Hope it is useful.
      Do remb to keep yourself warm this December.

    1. Hi jasmine,

      I had email you the Korea itinerary do check them out.
      Do remb to keep your mum and yourself warm, dec is pretty cold in Korea.

  21. Hi Shuxian,

    Thank you for sharing. You have given us a good run down of the Programme and really enjoyed reading them. Now I am looking forward for my trip!

    I am planning to cover Seoul and Jeju this Nov-Dec, for 10 days with my family. Would like to take reference from your trip. Can share with me your itinerary and relevant info please?


    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the compliment. I do hope my blogs do bring informative to readers who has no clude when they are traveling to a new country.
      I had email you the Korea trip itinerary and maps and some information of Jeju, hope they aids in ur planning

  22. Hello Shuxian, May I also request for a copy of your detailed itinerary, we have booked trip to Korea for 10 days in Dec. How do you manage to get cheap tickets to Jeju? Cos I check Jeju air, for Dec tickets, from Gimpo Airport to Jeju, one way fare is 65000 Won? Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Sharl,

      I had email you the detailed itinerary and maps for your reference. Likewise, I got my tickets from online via jejuair, I did a very frequent check and notice that the price do fluctuate during my time. So I got it when I saw there was a discount that was ongoing.

  23. Hi Shuxian,
    I will be traveling to Seoul 15 to 22 May. Can I have your itinerary?
    any advice on how to wear during this period?

    1. Hi,

      I had drop you the itinerary and maps.
      The temp in Korea in may will be 20 degree odd up down. I think you can just wear normal with one jacket or trench coat.

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      I have email you the details as you requested. Your are welcome.
      Let me know if you have any doubts

  24. Hi michelle,

    Would love have a detailed itinerary of your korea trip as i am planning one this coming year. Tyvm 😊

  25. can you email your detailed itinerary and maps? Planning a trip this Dec for family. still thinking join Chan Bro tour or Free and Easy but really scare of language barrier. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I had email you, just some of the informatio i would like to share with you.
      Back in 2010 I did join chan bro tour and I don’t really get to enjoy the delicious food and shopping experience in Seoul. It was rather tiring bus ride from attraction to attraction and attended some classes.

      I will actually recommend you to go on free and easy. You may use my itinerary as a guide.
      Jeju u can get a one day tour. While in Seoul is pretty easy to travel around.
      Don’t worry much of language barrier, the sales assistant mostly speak Chinese as there were a high flux of tourist from China to Korea the past few years.

      As for food ordering, some menu do have English otherwise u can jus order by pointing.
      Not to worry, you can always use google translate.

      I don’t speak Korean during my trip, but I manage to bargain at the their fish market for good cheap seafood. U don’t get to experience such if you join tour.

      I think is more cost effective too to go on free and easy.
      I do have some guide to help saving cost for booking flight tickets and accomodation. Let me know if you are keen.

  26. Hi Shu Xian,

    nice reading your blog! Am thinking to venture into Korea for the winter this year, would much appreciate your itinerary as well. 🙂


  27. Hi!

    Nice to read through your blog. Do you mind email a copy of your itinerary? Thanks.

    Was thinking what’s there to do besides skiing in S.Korea during winter but after reading through your blog it seems like there is so much to experience and have fun.

    Planning to go S.Korea this Dec and will be our first time there. For my teenage kids, it will be their first experience of winter. A bit of a concern on the weather & how should we dress up for winter. Any advice?

    1. Hi Steven,

      Great you like my blog. I highly recommend to free and easy in korea. Despite on language barrier i think is more enjoying. My first trip to Korea was with tour, I didnt enjoy that much especially on food.

      Well, during winter time, my advice is that you got to keep yourself and your family warm. Recommend you to get heat tech clothing from uniqlo. Perhaps you can lookg out during nov, they will have sales time to time so keep a look out.

      I think Ear muffler, gloves and thick socks are essential for your kids not forgetting jackets and boots. If you have intention to head to Jeju, jeju is very windy. Do make sure your jacket are windproof. Good to have scarf so to keep your neck and chest warm thats very impt sometime it can be use to cover up nose and mouth.

      Do check out my itinerary there is actually more places you can visit. Such as the Gwangjang market. If you need more advise do let me know.

      May you enjoy the first korea trip with your family.

  28. Hi,

    could you share your itinerary and maps please? By the way do you buy winter clothing here or in Korea? Thanks and have a good week.

    1. Hi winnie,

      I had dropped you an email on the Korea maps and itinerary. May i know which month are you going?
      It can be very cold in Jan and Feb. Do keep yourself warm. I highly recommend you to get some winter clothes in Singapore.
      Head over to uniqlo, get some heat tech tee, and i like their pants either those cargo pants that windproof or those inner with furs are really useful in cold weather. Although myeongdong has one big uniqlo, i recommend you to get in singapore.

    1. Hi Gina,

      Thanks for visiting my shuxianblog.com. I had email you the korea winter itinerary for your reference. Hope it is useful.
      Let me know if you have any doubts.

    1. Hi jay,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I had email you the itinerary as well as maps. Hope they are useful for your trip planning. Feel free to ask me if u have any doubt

    1. Hi Kelvin,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I had sent you the maps and itinerary for your reference. Hope they are useful for your Korea trip planning.
      If you have any doubt feel free to check with me here.
      May you have a great trip in Korea.

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      sorry for the late reply. I have send to your email.
      There is the detail Korea Itinerary as well as a full list of café and attraction Ive done in the past for your reference.
      Not forgetting the Train Map for your planning. Hope it is useful.

        1. Hi Dan,

          I have email you too! Do check your email. Let me know if you need further help.
          May you have a great trip to Korea.

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